The Week in Electronic: Daniel Avery at Revolver, Sebastian Mullaert at The Sub Club and DJ Hell in St Paul’s Cathedral

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The Week in Electronic: Daniel Avery at Revolver, Sebastian Mullaert at The Sub Club and DJ Hell in St Paul’s Cathedral


This Thursday November 16, Daniel Avery will be busting into the Revolver cage to run a masterclass on left-field techno. The UK DJ/producer is dropping into Revs before he heads up to Strawberry Fields, no doubt his usual high energy festival set will make way for a long-form, more considered set at Revs. Presales are sold out, but there’s an allocation of door sales available from 10pm. 


On Friday, Swedish artist Sebastian Mullaert will be doing a live set of his signature textured and organic sounding ambient dance music for Stranger at The Sub Club. Known for his work as one half of Minilogue, Mullaert is also an accomplished solo artist with new material ready to roll.  Support comes from Dj Kiti, Citipower and Hyper Binary.


In the city at Hugs&Kisses on Friday, finally Trouble In Paradise – the team up of Otologic and Misty Nights – is happening, five months after it was postponed due to illness. The two duos have been at the centre of Melbourne’s eclectic house and disco scene for the last few years, tailing each other’s careers and leaving epic scenes wherever they go. Finally they’re together again – all night from 10pm.


On Friday at Lounge, Detroit champion of the underground DJ Bone is set to spin some tunes for Butter Sessions. Bone has made a name for himself as a real vinyl technician, always bringing something new to the table. He runs the label Subject Detroit and is always completely dedicated to bringing the realest vibe possible through music. Kicks off at 10.30pm.


On Saturday, Melbourne Music Week has one of its headlining events: DJ Hell at St Paul’s Cathedral. I can’t imagine the dirt they must have on the Archbishop of Melbourne to let them have someone called DJ Hell there. But it’s happening – the German veteran of house and techno is throwing down in Melbourne’s most famous cathedral. The potential for ‘this-is-the-only-chance-i’ll-ever-have-to-do-this’ type mischief is gonna be (I imagine) very difficult for some people to overcome.


But if that’s a bit weird for you, go suss the Croxton Bandroom, they’re hosting the Rush Hour 20 Year Anniversary party featuring an absolutely cracking lineup of feel-good party selectors: Antal, Hunee and Soichi Terada. You can 100% trust there will be scenes and vibes for that. Kicks off at 9pm.