The Sugar Plum Fairys release debut EP ‘COMPLICATIONS’

The Sugar Plum Fairys release debut EP ‘COMPLICATIONS’

The Sugar Plum Fairys

Melbourne four-piece alternative rock band The Sugar Plum Fairys have just dropped their debut EP 'COMPLICATIONS' through Citrus Records.

Inspired by a multitude of bands, ranging from Pink Floyd to Tool, the Plums fabricate smooth melodic riffs and forthright lyrics that will either put you in a state of melancholy or ecstasy.

On July 9, the band dropped their first single ‘KURT’, an ode to Kurt Vile. Now, released through Citrus Records on October 30th, the band have just released their debut EP ‘COMPLICATIONS’. The five track album hints at sounds of modern psychedelia and early 2000s rock.

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Fronted by James Weatherby (guitar/vocals), the band consists of Will Smith (guitar), Aidan Buckley (bass) and Harrison Leitch (drums), the Plums have announced a Melbourne based tour for the end of this year, with support acts Amber Drift and Sesh Lamb along for the ride.

The band took us through their EP track-by-track below:

Smiddy had this enchanting and trance indusing guitar line that we all new was something special. That song is written haphazardly, like the whole ep in terms of lyrics but that’s just how I leave them. 
This song was written during an Eric Satie phase, I was messing around with major 7 chords and didn’t think too much of it. Smiddy liked it which made me give it another go, together we finished that song and it was he who really out the thing together. 
This one is me trying to write in the style of Kurt Vile. Once we’d worked it, it changed quite alot but it was initially named ‘ode to Kurt’, we kept the Kurt as an homage to KV. 
One Night 
This one’s overly dramatic on purpose. I wrote it as a poem for my long time partner – my one and only. It’s a Shakespeare knock off except the rhyming structure is nowhere near as complex. Smid wrote the music and made the song what it is. 
Angry Boy
This one’s really in two parts, a double verse structured A section and a chorus B section. I wrote it as if to say goodbye to the world, as a cathartic metaphor. We kept the A section really simple with a focus on the melody which is where I think that song shines.