The Peach Fuzz comeback hit as hard as a head smashed into a gong

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The Peach Fuzz comeback hit as hard as a head smashed into a gong

peach fuzz
words by Michael Pasahidis

It had been a while between drinks for The Fuzz, with their last headliner about a year earlier.

 But, along with the release of some newer music as well as lots of talk surrounding a new EP, the inexplicably exciting indie-rock outfit are once again out to prove that a rolling peach gathers no fuzz… or something.

The atmosphere around the famed Gaso was, as always, relentlessly magnetic and reminded me why I, along with music lovers all around Melbourne, continue to frequent this venue. The charm is intangibly intoxicating, and when packed out, the Gaso rivals any venue in Melbourne. 

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Peach Fuzz weren’t alone in their Northerly ventures. Along for the ride were two incredible-in-their-own-right groups that made me feel like there were three headliners for the night.

Paisley Lace kicked off the night’s proceedings with the effortlessly charming Jasmin leading the act. There were incredible harmonies, face-melting guitar solos and even a happy birthday hymn to guitarist Darcy. They wrapped up with a song about gross BnBs, which (however unfortunate) could be one of the most relatable songs ever written.

Keeping the peach rolling was Terra Rouge and her professionally polished band. Smashing through a set of self-proclaimed “sick lesbian songs”, Rouge and her band piled on the musicianship and validated their angst by absolutely nailing a cover of Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl. Two more than adequate openers and I was ready for the main card.

I found myself wondering how a band would kick off a show, with a year passing since they last headlined. It would be a challenge no doubt, one that required careful thought and setlist consideration. Would they open with a crowd-favourite? Perhaps something new?

Peach Fuzz marched out, strapped a Lime Scooter helmet on their bassist, and proceeded to ‘use’ it to smash a gong that they had brought along with them. That is in no way poetic licence: I saw it with my own eyes, a silly grin painted across my face.

The unusual opening was no kind of indicator of the quality of music to come. Peach Fuzz’s first few songs were pure elation. They have a noticeably devoted and excitable fan base that carried the band through the first part of the setlist.

By the time they reached their song (a personal favourite) Monster In My Room, we all had settled in. Lead singer Lucinda continued to boast a versatile vocal ability perfectly balanced with a charismatic stage presence. Monster In My Room was followed by a Blondie cover of Call Me, through which the La brothership flourished.

Ben La is nothing short of virtuosic on guitar, laying out complex rhythm sections and awe-inspiring solos all with the ease and swagger to match any musician. Call Me was perfectly upholstered by James La on drums, who even finished with a rudiment-filled headshaking drum solo that made the drummer in me excitedly squeal (maybe with jealousy).

Louis on bass recovered quickly from his gong-induced concussion to provide fuzzy, funky basslines throughout. He’s a musician’s musician, rocking a mullet and a playing face only matched in musicianship by his more than capable bass and keyboard work.

The band launched into crowd favourite Siren to ‘finish’ the show, before leaving the stage. We all know better by now, but that didn’t stop The Gaso from shaking with chants of “one more song”, which evolved into “three more songs” and then five.

They granted our wishes and returned to absolutely nail a rendition of their latest single What Do You Want From This, which is one of those you simply will not get out of your head. The crowd erupted, and La’s harmonic-clad guitar riff bounced around the adored Gaso walls. 

Peach Fuzz are an incredible reminder of the sheer musical talent present throughout Melbourne. If you’re after a night of spine-tingling live music, they’re perfect for you.

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