The Moscow-based band inspired by the Aussie psych wave

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The Moscow-based band inspired by the Aussie psych wave

Stone Submarines

Meet Stone Submarines, the rockers who just dropped a killer debut album.

Based in Moscow, how did Stone Submarines come together in the first place?

Over a beer in a pub, of course! Seriously speaking, the band came together at the end of 2016. Even though Moscow seems huge, it’s nearly impossible to find a kindred spirit to play music with, but if you do, they inevitably become your best mates.

Tell us about your new self-titled debut album. What is the story behind it? What inspired it?

The album represents what we do and love. It’s a direct reflection of a mindset, that can only be compared to an explosion. It’s inspired by Nazaré waves, snowy mountain caps, states of absolute freedom and the idea of unity among people.

Your music is inspired by the new Australian psychedelic wave. How would you describe your sound?

We sound as if Kevin Parker, King Gizz and MGMT would have lived together in frozen Russia for several winters. Jokes aside, our sound is as massive and magical as Alice in Wonderland. We are constantly seeking euphoria in a different sound, and reflect it in our tunes.

How would you describe the Moscow music scene in under 40 words?

Moscow scene is primarily dominated by rap with its derivatives. Guitar tunes are mostly depressive post-punk. Bands strive for hype rather than the idea, sacrificing the sound itself. As for us, we think the opposite, seeking musical inspiration elsewhere.

What’s next for Stone Submarines?

We are looking for a record label and a booking agent. In the meantime, we are recording new fantastic tunes and planning to release it soon.

Stone Submarine’s self-titled debut album is out now. Give it a spin via streaming services.