The Living End : The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating

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The Living End : The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating


While groovy dance beats replace the usual pinch of rockabilly in The Living End’s sixth album, it’s no less enticing. The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating opens with In The Morning, a heady concoction of steady percussion, direct guitar thrashing and Chris Cheney’s familiar voice lamenting suburbia.

The following tracks are bear a similarly gritty theme, yet the tantalising musicianship balances any melancholy with the desire to jump up and down. While they admit this is lyrically their darkest album yet, they abandoned their strive for ‘heavy’ and instead sought an ’80s-inspired hypnotic groove.

There’s no Prisoner Of Society on this album though – the boys are all grown up and much more responsible. For example, the dark and foreboding Away From The City condemns the mindless, drunken Friday night violence occurring in many cities and Ride The Wave Boy is a song of desperation and human struggle that is easily relatable.


Some of these darker songs may be a result of the substantial impact of the death of Cheney’s father during the album’s recording. However, the sentiments of the closing title track suggest that despite their struggle, the band is looking forward with the knowledge that things will get better. It’s a positive end to an emotionally tumultuous album. But, if you’re not in the mood for deep and meaningful, ignore the words and just enjoy the new sounds of a seasoned and much-loved Aussie band.

Best track: Universe

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In a word: Reflective