The Growlers’ new album ‘Natural Affair’ is a welcome treat for longtime fans

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The Growlers’ new album ‘Natural Affair’ is a welcome treat for longtime fans

Photo: Taylor Bonin
Words by Priya Francis

It’s a refreshing return from the band.

The Growlers keep providing for their legions of devoted fans with Natural Affair.

The ever-evolving Los Angeles band return with another round of snappy, radio-ready, garage-grunge tracks.

It’s only been a year since The Growlers released Casual Acquaintances, but their latest LP, Natural Affair, released under their own label, Beach Goth Records & Tapes, has been welcomed with open arms already.

Title track ‘Natural Affair’, one of four singles released in the lead up to the album’s release, is a riff-heavy tune while ‘Long Hot Night (Halfway to Certain)’ makes a dramatic entrance early in the record with an intro well deserving of some head-banging. ‘Social Man’ is another reminder of The Growlers’ innate ability to mix slinky ‘80s riffs and motifs into their own blend of ‘beach goth pop’.

‘Try Hard Fool’ sits back in a bed of synths and fuzz-infused guitar, as do most of the songs of the album, along with a generous sprinkling of surf riffs and mosh-ready choruses.

While the album doesn’t deviate from what fans already know and expect, it does confirm that The Growlers know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re doing it well.