The Count With… Snakadaktal

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The Count With… Snakadaktal



Ten bands everyone should know about:
The Whitest Boy Alive, Tame Impala, Youth Lagoon, Radiohead, Metronomy, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Chairlift, Beatles, Will Smith, Feist.

Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:
A great potato salad, various meats, fruit platter, spring rolls, big pot of pasta, wine, epic chocolate cake, lots of ice-cream.

Eight possessions that define you:
Headphones, bass guitar, skate shoes, Metcard/Myki, jeans, a shirt, my iPhone for music, some stupid hair cut.

Seven favourite movies/TV shows that go on your mix-tape:
Into The Wild, Lion King, Lords Of Dogtown, Lord Of The Rings, Mr Bean, I.T crowd, Seinfeld.

Six bad habits you can’t escape: 
Coca Cola, forgetting people’s names, late night, forgetting to do Q&As, spelling things wrong, day dreaming.

Five people who inspire you:
Victor Wooten solo bass player, Marcin Oz from The Whitest Boy Alive, Samuel Lawrence who plays solo in Melbourne, Ben Browning from Cut Copy, Paisley Adams from Tame Impala.

Four things that turn you on:
Slurpees, loud noises, switches, jelly.

Three goals for your music:
To tour the world at least once in my lifetime in a band, to feel that I have also inspired others to make music of their own and to one day make my own studio and record a album by myself.

Two live gigs you’ll never forget and why:
Purple Sneakers, where I was pretty loose, but still managed to play well, probably the best ever have and it was our first big crowd, and supporting Ross Royce.
They tried to take our money for the gig, so we had to confront them about it.

One day left before the apocalypse and you…:
Probably get on my Longboard and go down the biggest hill I could find to remind me of what it is like to feel alive.

When’s the gig / release?
We play the all-ages Push Over! festival at Abbotsford Convent this Monday March 12 with the likes of 360, Parkway Drive, Tonight Alive and heaps more. Our national tour hits the Northcote Social Club on Friday March 16 (sold out), Saturday March 17 (sold out) and Sunday March 18. We are planning on bring out another EP in the second half of the year with some possible more rocky tracks.