Decimatus : The Betrayer EP

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Decimatus : The Betrayer EP



This is pretty brutal thrash metal from Melbourne. Primitive, raw and completely in your face, just the way many people like it. Having said that, there’s also some decent songcraft and some nice grooves going on amidst the primal onslaught here. Opening surprisingly with a tasteful, mostly acoustic instrumental piece, The Stand Off, this six track EP then proceeds to come at you with all guns blazing. The thrashy moments are absolutely flat knacker and the grooves are fatter than a Biggest Loser contestant at the start of a new series. The musicianship is basic, muscular and the instrumentation hits you like a ton of bricks. And howling above it all is the blazing vocals of tough as nails singer Tommy. This EP is a wild ride from start to finish, culminating in the blunt force trauma of EP closer, and arguably its best cut, Decimate.


Just about everything seems in place here for thrash metal success, these guys just need to hone things a little further now. A little work on their production values and developing a truly signature sound that is all their own, and they are well on their way to a national and maybe even international profile.


If you dig your metal sounds fat, meaty and primeval, these guys are definitely for you. Lovers of anyone from Slayer to Frankenbok should check Decimatus out, you won’t be disappointed. Also, these guys absolutely destroy all in their path in a live setting as well, so catch them at a venue near you soon.




Best Track: Decimate

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In A Word: Harsh