The best shoegaze bands in Australia right now, as told by Flyying Colours

The best shoegaze bands in Australia right now, as told by Flyying Colours

Image by Ian Laidlaw

Flyying Colours are gearing up for the release of their much-anticipated second album, Fantasy Country.

Across the last decade, Flyying Colours have established themselves as Australian shoegaze stalwarts. From their well-received self-titled debut EP in 2013, through to 2015’s ROYGBIV, and then Mindfullness – their critically-acclaimed debut album in 2016, Flyying Colours have carved out their own space in the local music scene.

Now, the band prepare themselves for the release of their sophomore LP, Fantasy Country – a record teeming with references to the ’90s UK psych and shoegaze era and one that diverts their sonic trajectory into a new stratosphere.

Australia’s shoegaze scene isn’t abundant, but it’s about brevity not superfluity, so there’s plenty of talent out there, it’s just about where to find it.

To celebrate the release of Fantasy Country and to help us explore the magnificent entity that is Australian shoegaze, we asked Flyying Colours’ Brodie J Brümmer to fill us in on the best shoegaze bands in the country right now. Here goes!

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Relay Tapes

Although possibly intentionally flying under the radar, I think shoegazers everywhere should know Relay Tapes. Shoegaze can be a difficult genre to explain to someone but I think the music of Jade Tyers encapsulates it all perfectly. From almost indie-pop songs to ambient soundscapes, it’s all in there. Check out ‘Planetarium’ on the Early Morning Abstract EP.

Fragile Animals

Our agent Beau Kochmanz got me on to this band in 2019 and I was blown away. Their Only Shallow // Only More EP is a constant in my headphones, particularly the song ‘Landing’ which has a real Curve vibe to it. They are also an amazing live band and we were lucky enough to play with them in 2020 just before it all changed.


Fellow Melbourne band SLOMO are a band I’ve listened to but haven’t been able to see live. I had big plans to change that in 2020 which became difficult for obvious reasons. Their new track ‘Fit Right’ is a ripper taken from their 2021 album, L Dopa, which is out now. Go check it.

The Laurels

The Laurels were one of the first Australian shoegaze bands I ever heard. I remember back in the early 2010s seeing them at Ding Dong and being so stoked on it. All of their material is brilliant – I absolutely love their first album Plains, and 2016’s Sonicology is really special. The songs I have heard off a rumoured third album are some of their best yet. A criminally underrated band.

Blush Response

Our good friends Blush Response are probably my favourite Australian shoegaze band. Their album Hearts Grow Dull is an instant classic, as are both preceding EPs which can be a little more difficult to find. I have enjoyed sharing the agony of writing, recording and mixing your own music with Alister Douglas – and he is far better at it than I am. He is definitely a huge inspiration.


I only recently heard Placement’s debut single ‘Harder’ and it’s a killer track. Most of my mates in Adelaide have sent this song my way over the last few weeks and with a real Sonic Youth tinge to it, I can’t wait to hear more.

Flyying Colours’ new album Fantasy Country is out on Friday February 26 through Club AC30/Poison City Records.

The band will launch the record at The Corner on Saturday February 27. Grab tix here.