Radio Bar’s ‘TP:V3’ event was the energetic jumpstart Melbourne’s artistic community needed

Radio Bar’s ‘TP:V3’ event was the energetic jumpstart Melbourne’s artistic community needed

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Words by Luke Carlino

The event celebrated the wonderful unity between visual art and music.

Considering the forced sabbatical that we all took last year, you can be forgiven for slightly forgetting some of the finer things this great city can offer; I know I did. As we regain a sense of normality, however, it’s time to emerge from our shells and remind ourselves of these things once again. I personally would like to thank TP:V3 for helping me do this.

After a pause on TP: events due to the forced break on literally everything, the promoter/artist/DJ hybrid is back with the first of many events to come. As part of the ‘To Use No Art’ series, the first event titled Follow Your Flame marks the eclectic events’ rebirth. A mix of live art, installation art, electronic artists and all-round good times, TP: will be hosting gatherings in various venues around Melbourne as the year progresses, freedom-pending.

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The first of these events for the year took place at Radio Bar in Fitzroy, transformed for good to celebrate the re-launch of TP. From a freshly-painted bar by Seb Selly, to a new street frontage collaboration from Baloney and McKay, or a wall installation purchased by the venue as a permanent fixture from Naxington, with TP:V3, TP: has left a mark in Fitzroy as it will many other venues around the city.

Radio Bar’s upstairs section was transformed into a mini-gallery for the event featuring works by Amelia Berry and Ok Sure, with a live art piece being created for all to see from Ash Darq.

Tunes were provided throughout the event by DJ Speeding Beauty, Shantaram, Giallo, Mashuptato, Kayboku and Julian Castles, setting the vibe with seamlessly erratic mixes of electronic to dance, reggae to hip hop, old soul and nearly everything in between. 

While the event may become somewhat infamous for bringing southside graffiti artists into the north (something that simply does not happen), there is something more important at play here. This combination of art and artists, otherwise only known in extremely niche circles, is a beautiful antithesis of everything we all experienced last year.

This is the beginnings of a reemergence of Melbourne’s wonderfully artistic culture, on display, for free no less, for all to enjoy. Events like this series from TP: are vital to breathing life back into the artistic community that we brag about to the rest of the country.

It’s on you to get involved, support local independent artists and ensure the community thrives once again. You can do this with the next event, an upcoming jazz, blues and folk series called ‘Juju by TP:’ that will feature a range of seasoned musicians in some of the best kept secret bars and restaurants around Melbourne, starting with Gigi’s Bar in Balaclava next month. 

Highlight: A venue in the north transformed by art from the south

Lowlight: The next day being a Monday

Radio Bar is located at 357 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Keep up to date with the venue via their Instagram and Facebook page.