The best guitar solos of all time according to LOSER

The best guitar solos of all time according to LOSER


LOSER's sophomore full-length All The Rage is out September 10.

Consisting of formers members of The Bennies, Apart from This and Grim Rhythm, LOSER has swept through the Melbourne music scene off of the back of their debut EP Restless Noise, infectious debut self-aware album Mindless Joy and gargantuan support slots with Violent Soho, Ruby Fields, Fucked Up and Slowly Slowly, and playing BIGSOUND and Til The Wheels Fall Off.

Released in February 2020, Mindless Joy explores the role of modern technology in society and the social interactions and relationships we have with the endless void of the scroll, whilst also analysing the desire to maintain freedom on a creative spectrum, even if it means never reaping commercial success.  This heavy, introspective exploration takes place over 12 cleverly constructed tracks, however, is filtered through a lens of uplifting and energetic 4/4 beats, singing guitar solos and some Californian groove.

Now, the four-piece are dropping their sophomore full-length All The Rage this week, offering a powerfully honest and emotive distillation of who LOSER are at their collective core, drawing on the band’s penchant for nostalgic rock, pummelling riffs and larger-than-life solos.

Combining threads of bands like Oasis, Wheezer, blink-182, Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day with a distinctive LOSER twist, All The Rage is set to be remembered as essential Melbourne-rock listening in years to come.

Ahead of the album release, we caught up with brothers and band members Tim and Will Maxwell who shared the ultimate guitar solos to ever exist in music.

From Tim Maxwell (vocals/guitar):

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

This solo is a masterpiece from the late great Randy Rhoads, it incorporates ferocious tapping, legato and blues licks into one shit hot solo. These are all things I grew up doing as a young metal head so these techniques still ring true in my playing to this day.

Toto – Rosanna

We’re lucky to still have shred lords like Steve Lukather. This solo is so tasteful and has been one of my favourites to learn to play. Steve’s solos inspire me to make my solos have more space in the right places.

Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock

This solo is so original and cool. I feel like Billy Corgan is underrated as a guitarist. The bends in this are mind bending and this style of soloing/riffing has heavily inspired LOSER from day dot.

Pink Floyd – Money

David Gilmour is one of my favourite guitar players – he bends unlike any other human on this earth. Money has everything you want in a solo and showcases his amazing dynamic. The solo from our single ‘Meant To Be’ was inspired by this style.

Metallica – Master Of Puppets

This is one of the most intense solos I’ve ever heard. I grew up on Metallica and it’s taken me up until now to be able to play the solo. There are technically two solos and they both rule as much as each other. Melodic, fast and tasty.

From Will ‘Dragon’ Maxwell (guitar):

The Vaughan Brothers – Telephone Song

This is one of my favourite “wah” guitar solos. The way that Stevie bends one note over and over again and the intensity he gets with just one more from his vibrato! It’s fucking insane. Crank this one up!

Metallica – Orion

Damn there’s like 50 solos in this song and they are all great for different reasons! My favourite would be the mellow, slowed down part with bends that literally feel like they are about to slide off the fretboard! They have been doubled and that’s the beauty of it.

The Beatles – Something

This solo shows that it’s not all about playing a million miles a hour and a bunch of notes! The beauty of this song is the slice in between the notes and the phrasing! George Harrison is no joke when it comes to playing guitar.

Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2)

What can I say about Dave Gilmour, dude has some serious taste when it comes to guitar playing. He’s a master of the Stratocaster, hot pickups, perfect amount of reverb, perfect timing, screaming bends, it’s all you need hey?

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Little Wing

I’ll leave you guys with this! What can I say, it’s perfection! This song is filled with emotion and having no lyrics means you can really pay attention to the musicianship! Stevie is one of my favourite guitar players and this is why. Please do yourself a favour and have a listen to this masterpiece!

All The Rage is out September 10 via Domestic La La. Pre-Order here