The Antlers and Bear In Heaven Co-Headline Shows

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The Antlers and Bear In Heaven Co-Headline Shows


Two incredible bands on one night: you can die happy.

New York indie masters Bear In Heaven and post rock emotional wizards The Antlers will co-headline shows as Laneway Sideshows next year.

Stop hyperventilating, it’s going to be OK. OK and awesome. Bear In Heaven‘s recent album Beast Forth Rest Mouth (like East North West South, you see?) combines incredible production with dense layers and wonderfully complex songwriting and its heavy synth-based, dense-sounding indie-rock has wowed everyone.

The Antlers released Hospice in 2009 – a heartbreaking album that follows the story of a hospice carer falling in love with a dying bone cancer patient. It draws on the tropes of post-rock and melancholy indie rock sounds to create something that’s wistful, nostalgic and joltingly beautiful.

To see both these bands at Laneway was ridiculous enough: now they’re sideshowing it together, too, at The Corner Hotel on Wednesday February 9, tickets on sale right now.