System Of Venus Vs. Swidgen

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System Of Venus Vs. Swidgen


System Of Venus question Swidgen

1. Which super power would you like to have and why?

The power of Magnetism!!!! To control all things Metal.

2. If you had to create a ’80s or ’90s (choose your decade) compilation tape, what would the top five tracks be?

Plastic Bomb POISON IDEA, Little Debbie SURGERY, Fuck ‘Em All DWARVES, Another Night in Hell POWDER MONKEYS, Zombie THE FALL-OUTS. Oh, and anything from Prisonshake’s  The Roaring Third album. Winner.

3. How did the band name Swidgen come to be?

Swidgen, is an ethnic variant of the name of a character on Deadwood.

4. Are there any concerns within the band regarding the risk of “exposure” when if comes to the length and bagginess of Richie’s drumming shorts?

We realise that the main reason any of the fairer sex attend our gigs whatsoever, is for the ‘will it fall out tonight?’ factor regarding Richie’s wardrobe choice. It’s been a definite strategy, which the ladies have obviously taken note of. So, no concern from us, we’re happy to be drawing a larger female audience.

5. After a gig when the trashy tunes come on, do you stand at the bar or cut some rug on the dance floor?

We’re probably more of a ‘at the bar’ type band post-show. But every so often I’ve witnessed a little rug to be cut from camp Swidgen.

6. If Swidgen was a woman in a pub drinking an alcoholic beverage, how would you describe yourselves and the beverage you would be drinking?

She’d be tough, rockin’ quirky and a little bit groovy. You can buy her a Jameson, neat, anytime.


Swidgen question System Of Venus

What’s been your favorite show you’ve played so far?

Our December 16 show at The Brunswick Hotel in 2011 was pretty crazy. The venue reached capacity and cops were in and out all night. Most tour shows would also be on the favourite list.


If you were stuck on a deserted island, what album, book and tv series would you take? (yes, the island has CD and DVD capabilities)

Album: Blood Mountain by Mastodon. Book: Lords Of Chaos. TV Series: The Big Bang Theory.


Which band would you most like to support in the future?



What’s your idea of a ‘healthy’ band rider?

Gourmet beer – better quality ingredients…better for the insides.


What’s in store for System Of Venus in 2012?

Lots! More tours to regional VIC and interstate as well as finish our album. We’ve also got a few gigs coming up over the next few months including Saturday March 3 at Cherry Bar, Thursday March 22 at Pony, Saturday March 31 in studio at 3RRR Radio Station and Saturday April 7 at The Evelyn.