Sublime harpist Mary Lattimore is coming to Melbourne Recital Centre before lighting up Meredith

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Sublime harpist Mary Lattimore is coming to Melbourne Recital Centre before lighting up Meredith

Mary Lattimore Melbourne Recital Centre

Harpist and composer Lattimore is coming to Melbourne Recital Centre before performing at Meredith.

Mary Lattimore bathes her spectacular Lyon and Healy concert grand in an electronic glow through effects pedals, loops and synths. Accompanied by guitarist Paul Sukeena, Mary Lattimore blesses Australian stages with her dreamlike compositions and her new album Goodbye, Hotel Arkada, which features Lol Tolhurst (The Cure), Meg Baird and Rachel Goswell (Slowdive).

Mary Lattimore tour dates

  • Sunday December 3: Thirroul Music Festival
  • Monday December 4: Sydney Opera House
  • Wednesday December 6: Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Thursday December 7: Theatre Royal Castlemaine
  • Friday December 8: Melbourne Recital Centre
  • Saturday Dec 9: Meredith Music Festival.

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Mary shared, “When I think of these songs, I think about fading flowers in vases, melted candles, getting older, being on tour and having things change while you’re away, not realising how ephemeral experiences are until they don’t happen anymore, fear for a planet we’re losing because of greed, an ode to art and music that’s really shaped your life that can transport you back in time, longing to maintain sensitivity and to not sink into hollow despondency.”

Through evocative, emotionally resonant music, Goodbye, Hotel Arkada speaks not just for its beloved namesake — a hotel in Croatia facing renovation — but for a universal loss that is shared. It’s shaped by change; nothing will ever be the same, and here, the artist, evolving in synthesis, celebrates and mourns the tragedy and beauty of the ephemeral, all that is lived and lost to time.

Documented and edited in uncharacteristically measured sessions over the course of two years, the material remains rooted in improvisation while glistening as the most refined and robust in Mary Lattimore’s decade-long catalogue. It finds her communing with friends, contemporaries, and longtime influences, in full stride yet slowing down to nurture songs in new ways.

Memories, scenes, and split-second impressions have long filled Mary’s musical universe. As one of today’s preeminent instrumental storytellers, she has “the uncanny ability to pluck a string in a way that will instantly make someone remember the taste of their fifth birthday cake” (Pitchfork).

Mary’s impulse to record life as it happens matches her drive to travel and perform, as profiled by The New York Times: “Lattimore recognized that being in motion shook loose strands of inspiration, moods she wanted to express with melody. She needed, then, to remain on the go.” That sense of fluidity has also made her a prolific collaborator outside of solo work. 2020’s Silver Ladders, recorded with Slowdive’s Neil Halstead, opened the door for Mary to widen the vision of her primary project as well.

“All of these people I asked to contribute have deeply affected and inspired my life,” she affirms.

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