Step aside, Sriracha: Ed Sheeran launches his own hot sauce

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Step aside, Sriracha: Ed Sheeran launches his own hot sauce

Tingly Ted's

Britain’s favourite singer/songwriter/soft boy has announced he is branching out into the world of condiments. 

Ed Sheeran’s new hot sauce, called Tingly Ted’s, is set to hit the shelves later this year. The product will come in two flavours: Tingly and Xtra Tingly.

 “I felt like something was profoundly missing in my life, and after much soul searching, I realised it was a proper hot sauce,” writes Ed in the announcement video blurb.

Tingly Ted’s

  • Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has announced a new side hustle: hot sauce
  • His new sauce will come in medium and hot
  • The namesake for the product is the artist’s childhood nickname, now turned bear sidekick

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The jalapeno-based creation is inspired by Ketchup, which Sheeran is famously an avid fan of (he even has a Heinz bottle tattooed on his arm). A spokesperson from Kraft Heinz says when they heard the singer was interested in making a sauce, they moved quickly to start development. 

Sheeran wanted to create something as versatile and delicious as his favourite condiment and says Tingly Ted’s is suitable to be doused on “literally anything”. The recipe also includes carefully selected herbs and spices, smoked capsicum pepper, vinegar, and lemon pulp. 

“I travel a lot, so having a bottle in my suitcase wherever I go that can spice up any and every meal seemed like a good idea. I knew I didn’t wanna do a watery hot sauce, as they usually all get relegated to the same shelf of other random hot sauces,” he says. He’s currently touring throughout Australia, which means a bottle of Ted’s isn’t far behind. 

With the launch of Tingly Ted’s, Sheeran has now entered the surprisingly large ranks of famous musicians with hot sauces, including Joe Perry, Patti LaBelle, The Offspring’s Dexter Holland, Guns ‘n Roses bassist Bumblefoot and former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. 

Those who want to taste Ed’s saucy creation for themselves are invited to sign up for a limited pre-sale now. We sure hope the singer’s sauce is as fiery as that head of hair. 

To browse the Ted-site and sign up to be one of the first to try Tingly Ted’s, head here