The best nightclubs in Melbourne

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The best nightclubs in Melbourne

The best nightclubs in Melbourne

This is the definitive list of the best nightclubs in Melbourne, with underground clubs, techno venues and 24-hour nightclubs for every vibe.

Melbourne is absolutely brimming with places to experience live music so consider this your official 2023 guide to the best nightclubs in Melbourne. Melbourne is the best city in Australia for underground clubs, 24 hour nightclubs, and techno culture in general. Whether you’re new to the town or just feeling the pull to head into a crowded dance floor, you might need to find out where the locals go to experience the nightlife.

Melbourne continues to pioneer a club scene that values and considers diversity and equity for all. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Melbourne nightclubs to spend the night (and the following day) dancing at, where you can catch incredible live acts (almost) every night of the week. 

The best nightclubs in Melbourne

  • Melbourne is a world-renowned nightlife destination with some of the partying Australia has on offer
  • While techno reigns supreme here, there is something for everyone if you know where to look
  • This guide will help you find the perfect destination for a night on the town

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Whether your night out is planned or not, you will undoubtedly stumble across some goliath DJs and producers, immersive installations, improvised B2B sets and unreleased tracks. From Monday through to Sunday the following clubs are where you’ll find the best techno, industrial, trance, house, hip-hop and RnB music (to name a few genres) that Naarm has on offer. 

Today’s list showcases our favourite local nightclubs. It gives a short rundown on what to expect from accessibility, dance floor vibes and location. This era of clubbing has zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, or harassment. 

Looking for something a little more lively? We’ve got you covered. 

The 30 best live music venues in Melbourne

The best Melbourne nightclubs in the CBD


Miscellania is the pick of the crop for must-go-to nightclubs in Melbourne’s CBD. A rooftop bar, performance space & late-night social club in Naarm’s CBD, this new location opposite RMIT hosts already considered infamous parties. 

Regular hosts include UMAMI, one of Naarm’s leading queer nights for LGBTQI+, POC and First Nations folks and Fluxx, a Naarm-based collective/club night that celebrates and showcases local talent exploring the darker side of club music. A monthly after-hours party hosted by Techworld is also a night you want to experience. 

Accessibility is limited as there is no wheelchair access into Miscellania. However, the club’s location at the city’s top end makes it the perfect gateway to start or end your night out. 

2/401 Swanston St CBD 3000


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The Bottom End

“Meet in the Main Room front left” must be one of the most sent text messages come Saturday night in Melbourne. Hosting an array of DJs who provide relentless beats and pulsating bass lines, you’ll be coming back every weekend for more. This club is for rhythmic techno and house lovers, basically anything with a 4×4 beat. 

With the incredible array of DJs and producers seemingly quadrupling every week here in Melbourne, this club is your best chance to catch the best up-and-coming or firmly established acts in Melbourne pounding their new tracks behind the decks. Accessibility is limited so check with the venue for whether your needs can be met. The club is located on the eastern fringe of the CBD with trams, taxis and trains available. If you’re a fiend for the D-floor, this will easily be one of the best nightclubs in Melbourne for you. 

Saturday Nights only.

579 Little Collins St Melbourne 3000


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Sub Club

Monday to Sunday, Sub-Club hosts guest residencies from a range of brilliant DJs. The most versatile venue on this list in terms of musical genres and nights on offer, Sub Club is a favourite after-hour Melbourne hotspot. It welcomes music obsessives from near and far and promises sub-punching, filthy stank face flinging, and Punk-Rock-Acid-Techno blaring tracks all weekend long. 

Flinders Ct Melbourne 3000

Brown Alley

Before kickons can occur, there is, of course, the after-party location. Follow the yellow brick road into the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, and you’ll find yourself at the superclub Brown Alley – one of Melbourne’s best nightclubs for keeping the party going. Renowned for hosting insanely cool DJs, with celebrity appearances, this 24-hour nightclub’s history speaks for itself. January and February are already brimming with solid lineups so make sure you grab your tickets here.

585 Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000

Platform One

Nestled in the heart of the iconic Flinders Street Station, Platform One offers an unparalleled experience for nocturnal adventurers seeking a taste of Melbourne’s after-dark allure. Its industrial-chic decor, reminiscent of the station’s heritage, sets the stage for unforgettable nights filled with beats that reverberate through the air.

The venue’s unique setting beneath the railway arches infuses each moment with a sense of urban mystique, drawing in crowds from all corners of the city. It also has some of the coolest lighting you’re likely to see at a Melbourne club.

375 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

The Toff

Ah, the Toff. The last nightclub on Swanston Street still standing following the heartbreaking closures of Lounge (rip) and Radar (sorely missed). The Toff is located in a beautiful palazzo-style building on the second floor. It’s squished nicely between a restaurant and a rooftop bar, making it one of the best nightclubs in Melbourne for a versatile evening with a little something for everyone.

Nights hosted here are fun and percussive, with bouncy tunes and sets that bridge together beautifully. The result is you’ll probably blow off the rest of your night to stay here and enjoy the recurring killer nights hosted here, including Hyper Toff, and Now. Here. This.

The tiny balcony is the perfect spot to take a breather and gaze upon the city lights before you head back inside. To top it all off, the Curtain House is wheelchair accessible, with a lift stopping at every level.

Open 5pm till late, Tuesday to Saturday.

Second Floor/252 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000


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Music Room (HER Bar)

HER bar was born in 2022 out of a seemingly nondescript building that is now hands down one of the most beautiful bars you can visit in Melbourne. Designed by the interior designer of Raes on Wategos Tamsin Johnson, the rooftop bar has an exclusive music room a floor down which, if you’re lucky, you may find yourself invited into. A self-proclaimed “listening room” with limited capacity, the stunning albeit small venue is one of the best Melbourne nightclubs for an intimate, classy affair. We’ve heard whispers that some very cool parties have happened inside this space so it’s worth keeping your ear to the door of this CBD spot. 

Level 1/270 Lonsdale Street VIC 3000

Angel Music Bar

A heaven-sent inner city drinking hole, Angel Music Bar is located at the bottom end of the CBD. Not a nightclub, but not not a nightclub either, Angel is the perfect venue to go on a date, get a bit tipsy, realise the DJ is actually quite good, break out some dance moves to impress your date, and then do it all over again with your next Hinge match the following weekend. 

Fixtures of the Melbourne DJ circuit and beyond grace the decks at Angel Music Bar, bringing beautiful rhythms and new sounds for your listening pleasure, so do make sure you check this cute spot out. 

12 Bourke Street Melbourne 30000

Bourke Street Courtyard

An open-air outdoor and indoor space in the centre of the CBD, offering a combination of industrial settings and a garden paradise. They now host Xe54 every Saturday since that wonderful South Melbourne club closed its doors, doing justice to its legacy.

629 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3004

Section 8

Section 8 is the place to be! Take advantage of the summer months at this unique outdoor shipping container bar, where absolutely filthy DJs let their hair down and party behind the decks just as hard as the punters. 

Neighbouring Ferdydurke, which also hosts some killer DJs, Section 8 has such a fun vibe, and if you’re a baller, there’s a net for you to shoot some hoops on those nights where the line is long; entry is always free and trust us when we say that if there is a wait it’s always worth it. 

27-29 Tattersalls Lane Melbourne 3000


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La Di Da

La Di Da is the perfect springboard off of which we jump into a night of debauchery and dancing. Often hosting hens parties, or Burlesque nights, La Di Da is one of those stylish and small yet lively bars that quickly turns into a nightclub when the vibe is right. And the vibe is often right here. 

Over two levels and four rooms, you can enjoy RnB, house and party music (think Glamorous by Fergie but with a sweet drop to get you bopping low to the floor) every Friday night at their Mango club night. 

577 Little Bourke Street Melbourne 3000

Dove Club

Dove is the name of Melbourne’s latest club, opening recently where the old New Guernica once stood. Still settled on its usual location on Little Collins Street, it’s largely a copy of the former host, with the same interior decor but a few choice switches around the place.

New Guernica moved to their new location at Collingwood in November last year, a sprawling two-level venue with a more modern, stylish interior and a mezzanine floor that opens up into a spacious second room and bar. While they got down to organising their new venue, Dove got onto taking over theirs. The happy couple co-exists within a similar vibe, although we’d wager Dove appeals to a slightly younger crowd.

Level 2/322 Little Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000


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The best nightclubs on Melbourne’s northside

Rubix Warehouse

Situated in the suburb of Brunswick, this expansive venue offers a unique experience for club-goers seeking an alternative to traditional nightlife establishments.

Housed within a converted warehouse space, Rubix Warehouse boasts an industrial-chic aesthetic characterized by exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and raw, industrial features. The venue’s interior design pays homage to its industrial roots, creating an edgy yet inviting ambience. In addition to its main dance floor, Rubix Warehouse offers various lounge areas and chill-out spaces where guests can relax and socialise between dances.

36 Phoenix St, Brunswick VIC 3056

The Industrique

Originally a warehouse, The Industrique underwent a transformation to become an event space that also hosts a nightclub. Its industrial aesthetic, characterized by exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors, and high ceilings, provides a unique backdrop for events of all kinds. The venue’s flexible layout and modular furnishings allow for seamless customization, ensuring that each event can be tailored to suit the specific needs and vision of the organizers.

The centrepiece of The Industrique is its spacious main hall with a Boiler Room-type stage, which serves as the primary event space for larger gatherings and performances. Equipped with professional sound and lighting systems, as well as a stage area, this hall provides an immersive experience for attendees.

5-7 Louvain St, Coburg North VIC 3058

The Third Day

Occupying a converted warehouse, The Third Day exudes an undeniable charm with its exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and raw, industrial features. The venue’s design seamlessly blends vintage elements with contemporary flair, creating an atmosphere that is both stylish and inviting. Whether patrons are seeking a casual drink with friends or a night of revelry on the dance floor, The Third Day’s versatile layout caters to a variety of tastes and preferences.

One of the venue’s main attractions is its expansive outdoor courtyard, which serves as a bustling hub for socializing and entertainment. Equipped with ample seating, lush greenery, and atmospheric lighting, the courtyard provides a relaxed yet vibrant setting for patrons to unwind and enjoy the ambiance.

290 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne VIC 3051

QQQ St Park

Fits around cater up to 170 people, 140 inside and 30 on the outdoor smokers’ deck. With fantastic sound quality, QQQ St Park’s location is strategic, nestled amidst the eclectic mix of galleries, restaurants, and bars that define Collingwood’s cultural landscape. Operated by Plasma Lab, a DnB label.

2 Peel St, Collingwood VIC 3066

24 Moons

Our following recommendation is 24 Moons, located in the delightful inner northern suburb of Northcote. This club/bar/event venue is a relatively old and established venue that opened in 1978. It relocated to High Street from the dirty depths of Melbourne’s famous graffiti-covered AC/DC laneway. It has weathered the highs and lows of Melbourne’s growth into Australia’s largest city and is a beloved inner north club. 

The venue is both a nightclub and an event space with a capacity to host 300 people, and the proud owner of Keplers Yard, a late-night drink spot that opened in 2020. Hosting live music throughout the week and club nights Thursday through to Saturday until 5am, you’re sure to enjoy yourself no matter what night of the week you pop by.

The dance floor vibes are reminiscent of Tomorrowland on club nights, attracting hardstyle electronic lovers from near and far. Be prepared for a sensory overload when you walk into 24 moons on Arthurton Road in Northcote and don’t expect to leave before the morning. 

If you have any questions regarding accessibility, you can contact the venue here. The 86 tram stop is a 30-second walk away and will take you into the city’s belly. Otherwise, if Uber, Neuron Scooters, or Taxis are your thing, the High street is a buzzing place, and transport options are abundant. 

2 Arthurton Rd Northcote 3070

New Guernica

The “New” New Guernica has relocated from the inner CBD to the corner of Smith Street and Langridge Street. One of Melbourne’s club staples, this venue boasts top-notch international and domestic acts, bringing Melbourne crew their favourite club nights over and over again. 

The new venue is expansive, covering multiple levels that provide ample space for whatever you come to do at the club. The sound system pairs beautifully with the high curved ceiling above the main stage, giving New Guerns the potential to be one of Melbourne’s leading nightclubs. 

Purse your lips, bag-check your purse, and bring a group of friends to this beloved venue on Smith street. They have wheelchair access in the main room, which includes a wheelchair lift. The dance floor can get a little packed sometimes, but the vibes are generally on the up.

64 Smith St Collingwood 3066 


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The Night Cat

The Night Cat is a unique venue on the corner of Brunswick and Johnston street in Fitzroy that hosts incredible live acts Tuesday through Sunday. It already boasts a scheduled lineup for 2023 jam-packed with shows up until March. 

The 360-degree stage will forever be the selling point for this venue. There’s something truly mesmerising about locking eyes with another punter across the stage whilst you both groove to the artists elevated above you – we’re putting this down as one of the best Melbourne nightclubs for meeting new people. The bar is on the far side of the venue near the toilets and there are seats on elevated platforms that provide the perfect view of everyone and everything inside the venue. 

This venue is wheelchair accessible and provides plenty of seating options, the vibe is always impeccable (check out their Salsa nights for some seriously sexy NRG). 

137-141 Johnston St Fitzroy 3065


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You’re dressed up, you’ve had your pres at a mate’s share house in Fitzroy north, and you’re strutting your stuff down Brunswick Street with a bounce in your step knowing there’s no need to go further than Glamorama. We love a venue where the vibes are just as good on a Friday night as they are on a Sunday afternoon and so will you with the return of Glam Sundays! Confirmed for 2023.

The disco/nightclub/bar energy emanating onto the street from this venue takes us all back to our uni days and is still a venue we love to drop into. If you want to host a party with a group of friends on the northside then absolutely consider this venue for your night out!

393 Brunswick Street Fitzroy 3065


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My Aeon

My Aeon is as mystifying as it is entrancing. Located past A1 bakery, just a bit further up from Albion Street on Sydney road, this enigmatic multilevel venue is one of the best Melbourne nightclubs for those looking to hear some of the finest local underground electronic music. Their DJs have their fingers on the pulse of the city’s incredible electronic music producers, making this an unmissable venue. Alongside these nights, My Aeon hosts an eclectic mix of psytrance, techno and house DJs. 

It’s worth the walk up Sydney road and we’re excited to see their lineup for 2023.

791 Sydney Road Brunswick 3056


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The Gasometer Hotel

Located at the top of Smith Street and shortened to the ‘Gaso’ as per Australian dialectic tradition, this venue has three bars across two floors. It hosts an array of gigs, including rock ‘n roll, punk, rave, house, soul, swing, jazz and techno. 

Suppose you’re lucky enough to have experienced the 350-person band room at capacity when the retractable roof opens to the heavens. In that case, you already know what the hype is with this venue. With new owners taking over in 2022, we’re excited to see what’s to come this year, with a promising lineup already filling our calendar with dates up until April. 

484 Smith Street Collingwood 3066


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The best nightclubs on Melbourne’s southside

Revolver Upstairs

Revs was of course going to make this list. An infamous southside venue with folktales passed on from generation to generation about people never making it out alive, Revs is and will forever be one of the best Melbourne nightclub staples. The go-to sticky carpet, caged smokers area, multi-room dancefloors and large venue rarely disappoint, with huge names playing at every time slot. 

There’s a soft north vs southside feud that continues to exist in our city but you don’t want to miss out on the Revs experience, so hop on the 46 tram and make your way to Chapel street for a night that promises at least two conversations with a french guy in the smokers’ area and some banging tunes. 

Hit up the team with any accessibility questions you have. Located on Chapel street – literally every taxi driver will know where to go if you hop in the back and ask for Revs.

2/229 Chapel Street Prahran 3181


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Across the street from the infamous Revs, walking up the staircase into OneSixOne you’ll enter a sexy 70’s swingers-Esque lounge/bar/club, spread across three floors. 

This southside venue hosts a steamy list of resident DJs and the only breakfast club we’re interested in being members of (arrival time is 8am Monday mornings, folks). 

161 High Street Prahran 3181


Have you ever sat at a bar and thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I owned these cool and unique-looking glasses”? Well, Pawn&Co is catering to those inner desires by allowing you to purchase anything in the venue. Yup, everything is for sale. Open Thursday to Sunday until 5am, this is an enjoyable venue to let your hair down and let the night take you in its warm embrace. 

The added bonus is leaving with one of their Tiki glasses in the AM, perfect for a bloody mary at kickons. Hands down, the best Melbourne nightclub for getting a bit drunk and accidentally coming home with a new kitchen set.

177 Greville Street Prahran 3181


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Killing Time

Killing Time is an intimate, one-of-a-kind, miniature Revs inside an antique vintage shop/living room. With the handiwork and solo effort of the owner Cam, the one-of-a-kind creative venue hosts an array of Techno, House and funk DJs to meet all your musical tastes. With two DJ booths and consistently enjoyable nights being held here, we recommend you add this long-standing southside venue to your list of places to hit up next weekend. 

3181/11 Chapel Street Windsor 3181

Electric Bar

A venue that’s being re-energised of late by the Novel crew, with the likes of Moodymann playing killer sets there until well into the early hours. Walking into Electric Bar is like entering a different world. Each visit here will unearth something new and exciting, this spot will end up being one of your new favourites.

Their laid-back orange interior is like something out of a New York jazz club, you’ll feel like you’re somewhere overseas while enjoying some of their signature cocktails.

Some of their most popular drinks include one called the Golden Cadillac; which has Joseph Catron cacao, Galliano L’Autentico, Liquor 43, and it’s topped off with orange juice and whipped cream. This is just one of the many tasty cocktails they offer, check out more of their cocktails here. Their staff are some of Melbourne’s best too – experts in the world of mixology, so you know you’ll be getting some high-quality drinks. Check out some more info about Electric bar over on their website here.

65-267 Chapel Street Prahran VIC 3181


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Weekends are best spent at Bunny if you’re cruising the southside of the Yarra River. A fun American smokehouse with a South-East Asian twist by evening turns into Melbourne’s cheekiest beach-side nightclub venue. From Mykonos to Burning Man, the DJs that play at Bunny are the creme de la creme, making it one of the best Melbourne nightclubs to dance up an appetite and munch on a rack of ribs.

109 Fitzroy Street St Kilda 3182


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Poof Doof

Not just any gay rave, but the must-attend gay rave occurring every Saturday night in the self-proclaimed ‘gayborhood’ of South Yarra on Chapel Street. DJs play exclusively seductive future-forward-house-centric and techno sets on the main floor that perfectly soundtrack the massive dance arena where you will gyrate your beautiful bodies. Upstairs hosts a completely different vibe where pop, drag performances and your favourite guilty pleasure throwback anthems shake the room up. 

Once Upon A Doof has already been announced for Sunday 12 March as THE official afterparty for Chillout Festival and we are absolutely gagging for this night. Poof Doof is one of the best nightclubs in Melbourne for inclusivity – all members of the LGBTQA+ community and allies are warmly welcomed at this venue. Any anti-social behaviour in the slightest will not be tolerated. Now go have fun queens. 

386 Chapel Street South Yarra 3141


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The fact that Circus has a link on the landing page of its website for lost property tells you enough about how loose people get inside this venue – we’re labelling this as one of the best Melbourne nightclubs to release your inhibitions and feel the rain on your skin. You’ve got two options for where to dance, with a darker-than-dark downstairs dance floor that perfectly juxtaposes the neon-coloured steam-punk circus-themed upstairs area.

The vibe is social with groups of friends gleefully crowding around the rooftop, lounges, bar stools and floor space. Lose your mind whilst you bop gleefully to the house and techno DJs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. 

199 Commercial Road South Yarra 3141


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