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Melbourne rockers Star Assassin have had a massive year since their album Bleeding To The Circle was released, and they finish the year on a massive high with a show at the mighty Espy’s Gershwin Room this coming Friday night.

Melbourne rockers Star Assassin have had a massive year since their album Bleeding To The Circle was released, and they finish the year on a massive high with a show at the mighty Espy’s Gershwin Room this coming Friday night. Vocalist Simon Hynes checked in with Beat to fill readers in on their history, their coming Espy show and the band’s future plans.

Right! Star Assassin – give us a brief rundown on the band’s history.

“To date there has been one main line-up change, which saw the band split and three new members replacing that line up to create the current five-piece Star Assassin we have today. The original band was a good combination of members which created the debut album, won Best Unsigned Rock Act in Australia at Music OZ in Sydney and did a load of national supports, but in the end it was just getting too much to be in the same room at the same time… and that makes being in a band impossible at best. The new line-up we have now has a very different feel, we don’t really see each other a lot apart from touring, rehearsal and in the studio; it’s all about the music, which is definitely the force that brings us together and it makes for a very different dynamic, one which we are all starting to really appreciate.”

Your music and lyrics can be quite dark, what’s the inspiration behind this?

“I think it comes down to the fact that I want to pick up my guitar and write lyrics most when I’m in a dark mood. Usually if I’m in a good spirits I’ll do other stuff, but when I’m in that dark kind of mood, I just want to write. That’s pretty much it, but I definitely always try and write with an element of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Your album Bleeding To The Circle has been out for a while, how is it sitting with you when you listen to it now?

“Like the majority of artists, it’s probably never good enough for a number of reasons and you always want to move on quicker than you can record… but I think the songs will last for our fans and will suit our career and direction. From the pure stand point of a debut album I believe it will stand the test of time; I still love listening to my favourite bands first albums – even their demos, pretty much anything I can get – and I’m sure that for the people that became fans of our music via this album, the music will give them that first time feeling as they grow with us too.

Any plans for a new record in the works?

“Yes, we have been writing and in pre-production with a bunch of new songs for a new album and we have recently spoken to a few different studios in relation to recording early next year, so I know this will be an exciting time once we start to get a few new recorded tracks under our belts in 2011.”

How’s the material sounding and what direction do you see it taking?

“The direction Star Assassin has always taken is that North American sound and I think that the new line up has embraced that sound even more so than in the past. I’d say the music has more extremes in it now too.”

Looking forward to your show at the Espy on Friday night?

“I think I can speak for the band when I say, we look forward to every single show we play, that’s pretty much the reason we do this; getting amongst the fans and sharing the music we create is why we exist as a band.”

Describe yourselves in a live setting for someone who may not have seen you before, who may be thinking of coming on Friday night.

“I always struggle to answer this question, because I’m not out there watching the show, but I know if you like the style of music and the songs, whatever else we bring is just a bonus. But the show is usually pretty intense and we will definitely be throwing in a few surprises from the word ‘Go’ at The Espy show!”

You’re off to NSW and ACT as well, is that it for the year then?

“We have a surprise show at the end of the year which hasn’t been announced yet and then next year we are playing a lot, more than ever before actually, so I’m looking forward to 2011.”

What’s in store for 2011 then?

“The schedule for next year will involve a lot of everything; shows are high on the agenda, followed close by studio time and tracking our new material and all the other things that come with band life.”

What are the longer term plans/goals/dreams for the band? Where do you see yourselves in five or so years?

“I really try not to focus too far ahead with the long term goals these days; one year at a time is how we are approaching it right now.”

As we covered, tou have quite a North American rock sound; is it the plan to make an assault on the US/Canada at some stage?

“Yeah we definitely want to get to Canada, it’s just a matter of timing, timing is everything.”

Any parting words for readers?

“Thanks for checking us out in Beat Magazine and we will see you at The Espy Gershwin Room Friday November 12!!”

STAR ASSASSIN will be tearing the roof off The Espy Gershwin Room this Friday November 12, along with Super Florence Jam, Japan For, Toehider and Daze. Tickets from and The Espy. Their debut album Bleeding To The Circle is out now.