Some legend just built a miniature replica of Cherry Bar

Some legend just built a miniature replica of Cherry Bar

Cherry Bar's current location on Little Collins St - image via Facebook
Words by Tom Parker

Courtesy of local miniature artist David Hourigan.

Local miniature artist David Hourigan has just built a miniature version of Cherry Bar, from its iconic past location in AC/DC Lane. It comes as part of Hourigan’s new series themed around live music venues, something which the artist says he commenced during Melbourne’s latest two-week lockdown.

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Surrounding the bar entrance, Hourigan has captured the classic graffiti on the wall, the a-frame sign emblazoned with the Cherry Bar logo, as well as a ‘Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution’ poster to accurately define the history and legacy of AC/DC Lane – not just the avenue where the Cherry Bar entrance resides but also the place where Cherry used to host their beloved Cherry Rock event.

Step inside the venue and ‘Cherry’ illuminates in neon lights; look left and you’ll find the cloak room and the doorperson welcoming you with open arms. Just make sure you’re not wearing a suit, sporting apparel or thongs, and it’s important to remember Cherry has a strict ‘no dickheads’ policy. Other than that, you’re good to go 😉

Hourigan has established a reputation in Melbourne for his miniature replicas. Check out his website and social media and you’ll find Hourigan has also captured other Melbourne institutions such as Footscray’s Olympic Doughnuts, Yarraville’s Sun Theatre, Pellegrini’s on Bourke St and the Franco Cozzo furniture store.

And with more live music venues replicas to come, we can’t wait to see what Hourigan emerges with next.

Check out Hourigan’s genius work below.


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