‘So fast it felt like magic’: Why MILKRUN will change your life

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‘So fast it felt like magic’: Why MILKRUN will change your life


The comforting aromas of the herbs, spices and freshly made flatbread are warming up the kitchen on this chilly evening, and your beloved friends are due to arrive soon.

The lamb kofta and potatoes are in the oven on a bed of rich, spicy tomato puree sprinkled with a grinded spice mix of peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin.

The lentil soup is simmering on the stovetop, and you’ve just finished the last batch of the pan-fried homemade flatbread. As you’re making the Tabouli salad, you realise you’ve run out of hummus to go with the flatbread because you had four-times the recommended amount yesterday and the day before. That’s when you remember there’s an instant grocery delivery app: MILKRUN.

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With much relief, you order several containers of hummus through the MILKRUN, and then realise you also need desserts because you didn’t have time to make Baklava and pistachio ice-cream. To your delight, the app offers Messina, Connoisseur, Ben & Jerry’s ice-creams, as well as plant-based ice-creams for your vegetarian and vegan friends.

Suddenly you remember the need to pair drinks with the food and you’re thinking the sophisticated smoothness of Pinot Noir, the elegance of Rosé, the fruity aromas of Sauvignon Blanc and a refreshing pack of Pale Ale will complement the Middle Eastern dinner and order them through the MILKRUN app.

As you take the kofta and potatoes out of the oven and place the dish alongside the flatbread, lentil soup and tabouli, the MILKRUN rider arrives with the hummus, ice-cream, and alcohol. A few minutes later, your friends start arriving and you look impeccably organised due to MILKRUN’s efficient app.

Fast, efficient and convenient

In a world punctuated by chaos and uncertainty, there are few things more comforting than knowing that you can have essential items delivered to your door in minutes and that is precisely what MILKRUN offers. Rushton’s order arrives so quickly that he exclaims, “that was so fast it felt like magic” and Kate states: “my mind is actually blown. I was gobsmacked at how bloody easy that was! Rider was at my door in well under 10 minutes after I ordered! Wow. That is life-changing!”

MILKRUN has become one of Australia’s fastest growing start-up companies and praised as the top instant grocery delivery app along with being applauded for its eco-friendly approach. After downloading the MILKRUN app, you can purchase your groceries and favourite alcoholic beverages and have them delivered to your door in minutes.

There is a youthful vibrancy and honesty to MILKRUN’s witty social media posts. MILKRUN assists those who would rather not spend their limited spare time grocery shopping and like quick, easy and new options. The delivery app’s super-fast delivery, convenience and great value is ideal for when you realise you’ve run out of an essential ingredient in the middle of cooking, have a craving but don’t feel up to leaving the house or when you need urgent food and alcohol supplies but don’t have time to shop.

Environmentally and rider-friendly

Due to the company’s eco-friendly ethos, MILKRUN riders deliver grocery and alcohol orders on electric bikes without any impact on the environment. The service has created a network of warehouses where all the stock is held, allowing for the breathtakingly quick packaging of orders, which are passed on to riders who deliver the orders in a rivetingly swift manner.

MILKRUN are opposed to the ‘gig economy’ and provide riders with secure employment and access to benefits and entitlements, including holiday pay, insurance and super. The groceries are at regular retail prices and the riders are paid fairly and receive benefits. Brodie says that he “could not rate the service higher. Great selection, so fast, and such friendly service from the delivery rider.”

Fresh Australian produce

MILKRUN offers fresh Australian produce that is sourced directly from Australian farmers and proudly supports local producers. Their warehouses are stocked with thousands of Melbournians’ favourite products and brands at regular retail prices. Arriane says she loves “the good quality meats and ripe avocadoes” and Sal agrees: “really fresh food. Great quality. Love the local gourmet options best”.

The MILKRUN app features specials, new and featured items, meal ideas, drinks, local products, a superb selection of fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy, pantry essentials, ready-to-eat meals, and bakery favourites, including sourdough, crumpets, muffins, naan, garlic bread and tortillas. Health, technology and household items are also available via the app as well as vital items for your baby and pets. Of course, the most exciting new feature is MILKRUN’s excellent alcohol selection, which includes your favourite spirits, beers, cider, RTDs and Seltzers as well as mixers.

MILKRUN is currently available in many inner-city suburbs, but new suburbs are constantly being added. At the moment, MILKRUN delivers in Abbotsford, Albert Park, Balaclava, Brunswick, Brunswick East, Burnley, Carlton, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Cremorne, Fitzroy, Footscray, Kingsville, Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, Middle Park, North Melbourne, Prahran, Princes Hill, Richmond, Seddon, South Melbourne, South Yarra, Southbank, St Kilda, St Kilda East, St Kilda West, and Windsor.

Download the app (direct URL to come) and use the code BEAT25 to enjoy 25% off your first order. For more information, visit the website here.

This article was made in partnership with MILKRUN.