Snapping Jurassic Melbourne

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Snapping Jurassic Melbourne


Two guys who are responsible for some of Beat Magazines Club Photos are are James Gillot and Billy Roberts.

Two guys who are responsible for some of Beat Magazines Club Photos are are James Gillot and Billy Roberts.

Gillot has just launched a website called that features gallery’s of his club photography and other local snappers such as Roberts. To celebrate this they are putting on a launch party in South Yarra that is featuring a huge line-up of local DJs with 1928, Kris Baha, Silver6, Glass Mirrors, Damon Walsh, Sleeves, Airwolf, Marco Polo, Zayler, D.Ceed, Post Percy, Jelly Acqualife, Bobby Lane and Gavin Ly all gracing the decks on Friday December 10 plus an exhibition of some of the best pics. 100% caught up with James Gillot to discuss club photography from the photographer’s perspective and then we heard from Silver6 to get a DJs perspective.

How long have you been a club photographer in Melbourne?

JG: Two and half years now.

What is unique about club photography (over other forms of photography)?

JG: Unique? I’d say the most unique thing about it is the potential for spontaneity in the photographs. Clubs are where people go to let go, so anything’s possible really. Unlike other forms where control is very important, often the best thing you can do for your shots in a club is lose control, just a little bit, or a lot, depending on the night.

Does the willingness of a crowd to have their pictures taken have any correlation to the style of music being played?

JG: For sure, different genres pull different crowds. Different ages, different areas different fashion, everything. I think age is usually a bigger factor though, in general the younger kids defiantly enjoy it a lot more.

What has been the most unexpected situation that you have found yourself in as a photographer?

JG: Well a couple of months ago I got a shot of this girl at revolver covering her nipples in wiz fizz. She had these guys sucking it off her fingers. That was pretty unexpected. Either that, or just whole of Maitreya.

Will anyone get any nasty surprises at the Jurassic party / exhibition… that is any compromising shots?

JG: Hahaha Possibly! Compromising almost defiantly, but I don’t know if it will be much of a surprise, at least for the people in the photo. I’m still choosing which pieces to exhibit so I’ll see what I can do.

Silver6 [Ben Smith] DJs regularly at Revolver, Lounge, Wah Wah, Somewhere, Circus, Korova and Cushion.

What role do club photographers play in the club scene?

S6: They capture an atmosphere, a time, a mood and more of the night. This is relatively important for the club experience so people can re-live the time they had at such night, or for those to see what they missed out on.

What has been the best club photo that you have ever scene?

S6: James Gillot has taken a few of me over the time I’ve known him. I use them for profile and bio pictures. They are Awesome!

What has been the worst club picture you have seen?

Probably another one James took some time ago of a girl passed out curled over a rubbish bin in the city. It was gold!

Do you ever think they cross a barrier and become porn?

No. Even if shots are a touch raunchy they’re in their element and are not shot for porn purposes.

How long have you worked with James Gillot?

Over the last year & a half he’s been at venues I’ve been playing but have started hiring him over the last 6 months or so for nights and events.

Jurassic Melbourne featuring 1928 [AUS], Kris Baha [AUS], Silver6 [AUS] and many more is happening at a warehouse located at 33 Simmons St South Yarra on Friday December 10.