SAMMM. releases impressive music video for ‘Stronger Now’

SAMMM. releases impressive music video for ‘Stronger Now’


With his defining slacker-pop approach to indie rock, SAMMM. has just released a music video for his up-tempo indie-rock single, 'Stronger Now'.

Known for his ambient sounds and offbeat attitude, SAMMM. is characterised by his indie-rock sound infused by a punk vocal accent. His latest music video is directed by one of Brisbane’s rising directors, Phoebe Faye, who has worked with the likes of WAAX, Nicole McKinney and Lucy Francesca Dron. The video clip for Stronger Now is an impressive work of one-shot takes and dynamic push and pull camera work.

What you need to know

  • SAMMM.’s new single and music video Stronger Now is out now
  • Directed by one of Brisbane’s rising directors, the clip is an ever-evolving, dynamic and creative video
  • Having supported WAAX earlier this year, SAMMM. is known for his ambient and off-beat indie rock tracks

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Characterised by one-shot trickery, the music video for Stronger Now is an ever-evolving and creative video that compliments the track’s dynamism. Shot in a warehouse, this music video showcases the SAMMM. and his band’s charisma, edge and compelling air of nonchalance.

“One-shots are nerve-racking because your talent needs to be captivating for such an extended length of time without missing a word or a step,” says director Phoebe Faye. “I wrote two into Stronger Now knowing SAMMM. brings so much energy to his live sets. One is clockwise, to represent being stuck in a loop. The other is anti-clockwise to represent regression and relapse.”


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Having supported WAAX at The Brightside in Brisbane this year, SAMMM. is known for his energetic live performances, with his EP launch selling out in November 2020. He’s also performed at Brisbane’s Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Yonder Festival and on bills alongside the likes of VOIID, Fangz, Velociraptor, Nicole McKinney, Loose Bricks and more. Previous releases have seen support from the likes of Rage, Double J, Triple J Unearthed and more.

Stronger Now and its music video is out now and can be streamed here.