Review: Blanc de Blanc will linger on your mind long after the show has ended

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Review: Blanc de Blanc will linger on your mind long after the show has ended


Inside the smoke filled circus tent, a packed crowd is treated to the sounds of old gramophone music giving off the speakeasy vibe that is synonymous with most cabaret. This all changes once the show begins with a wonderful dance routine all being played out to Rhapsody in Blue. The sultry sounds of Gershwin quickly give way to a more modern sound; a remixed swing track helping bridge the gap between yesteryear and today.

The master of ceremonies for the evening, Monsieur Romeo, introduces the night as “somewhat like a glass of fine champagne, smooth and sophisticated, leaving you giddy, bubbly and a little bit crazy”.  He’s not wrong. Accompanied by his manic assistant Spencer, the pair bounces off each other wonderfully, providing the majority of the comedy for the evening.

It’s once the rest of the performers take the stage that the show really heats up.  The dizzyingly beautiful bellhop performance by Russian-born Masha is a seductive ballet as she twirls using a baggage cart as her apparatus high above the audience. The fast paced show never skips a beat or lets moments linger, quickly moving onto the next act keeping the audience intoxicated with what they are serving.

Brilliantly executed mime and burlesque acts, including a balloon popping routine set to an upbeat Dead Kennedy’s cover, play alongside incredibly talented dance routines featuring everything from a breakdancing contortionist moving to a Cab Calloway remix and Mr Sandman used in a way you’ve never seen before.   

Blanc de Blanc is impeccably constructed with all performers on top of their game, a highlight being the penultimate performance in which real-life couple, Hampus and Milena perform a passionate and stunning aerial wire act. Hilarious, saucy and wholly captivating – its delights will linger on your mind long after the show has ended.