Record Store Day 2012

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Record Store Day 2012


The joys of being into music involve real life experiences. It’s why we love live music venues, and why we camp out for days with thousands of strangers to see a band we like, and why sitting around in your backyard sinking tinnies and discussing the validity of Kanye West as an artist can end up being one of your favourite nights of the year. Discussing and engaging in the discourse of music in person, in a physical space, where other passionate people exist, is a pretty remarkable thing.

Where better to receive this special brand of personal education than inside one of the various city-wide nooks of independent and specialist record stores. In Australia, the independent music scene of our city is unparalleled in both size and passion, and record stores play an integral part in the fabric of making Melbourne a great music city.

They provide the joy of purchasing and unwrapping an album or record, then seeing and feeling all of the finishing touches that make you feel like you’ve moved from curious onlooker to certified fan. Or when it comes to limited and local releases, there’s the optimism of knowing that, despite everything, a rarity can be looked for and sometimes found.

While digital sales find their footing in terms of production and equity, physical music adapts. Vinyl is playing an important and interesting role in music retailing, with vinyl sales increasing exponentially in the last few years. In fact, around 70% of music bought by Australians is bought as a physical product, in others words a CD or a vinyl record. This is a day of celebration, not survival.

The good bunch of folk involved in keeping this culture alive and breathing in Melbourne are celebrating this Saturday April 21 as part of Record Store Day. This weekend, the only place in the city to be is your local music store, and the conversations should be with the people behind the counter – they are a reserve of music knowledge.

There’s tonnes of cool shit going on, so whether your obsession is with collecting, creating or just listening, by going out and engaging in Record Store Day this weekend, you’re supporting music. Period. Catch you CD-side this Saturday April 21. Sell some shit out.