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Rachel By The Stream


Rachel By The Stream was originally split between Melbourne and the UK. Tell us about your creative process? Our creative process was initially based on adding production elements to songs Rachel had written but as the project has developed we now take a collaborative approach and a song might start in any number of ways.


Tell us about Situation Positive. Situation Positive is our debut album, released at the end of 2016. After releasing the first EP Smooth like Butter in 2013, we spent a lot of time doing shows and working on new material. Eventually, we had ten songs that had been back and forth between the live show and the studio. A couple of singles were released before the album dropped. 

How has your sound evolved over time? Our sound relies on a solid bed of produced beats while sticking to fairly traditional song-based arrangements. It’s accessible and danceable and the multi-genre approach keeps people engaged and wondering what’s next. The first EP is more guitar-based which reflects where Rachel has come from but we’ve definitely moved away from this. 

What is your favourite part of making music? The mystery of the writing process and following that through to something that can make people smile, dance and feel something beautiful. We also love touring and connecting with people in different parts of the world. 

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure? Lately, our guilty pleasure has been large dollops of organic butter and dark chocolate in our morning coffee.