R. Djordan’s new single ‘Alive’ is a glistening nu-disco track made for the dancefloor

R. Djordan’s new single ‘Alive’ is a glistening nu-disco track made for the dancefloor

It’s the French producer’s first track of 2021.

The nu-disco genre is like an oddly-satisfying ASMR video that just hits the spot. It’s so effervescent and intrinsically danceable that you don’t have to second guess your d-floor moves, they just flow effortlessly and organically.

With French producer R. Djordan‘s recently-released new track, ‘Alive’, one that drips with buoyant drum beats, a trusty bassline, and vibrant electric guitar from Junior Souza, music lovers have another floorfiller that can soundtrack their pre-drinks on a night out.

What you need to know

  • R. Djordan has just released their new single, ‘Alive’
  • Just over three minutes in length, the song is a bubbly nu-disco number made for the dancefloor
  • Brazilian artist Junior Souza contributes the electric guitar on the track

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R. Djordan’s music journey extends all the way back to 1998, but it wasn’t until 2010 that the producer released their debut album, Choose Your Drink – an epic 40-track release that explored all corners of the electronic music spectrum.

Two albums later, R. Djordan released Sunset in 2013, a record that got tracklisted by MTV Italia and featured the standout tracks, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Funky Fraction’. Then it was onto 2015’s Eternity, another extended release that featured a remix of Jordan Rakei‘s cover of Fat Freddy Drop’s ‘Black Bird’.

But it’s ‘Alive’ that’s dictating the R. Djordan narrative right now – a track that serves as the perfect pick-me-up before the Australian summer comes to a close.

Check out the track below.

‘Alive’ is out now. For more on R. Djordan, head to the producer’s Instagram page.