Q&A: Moth Vs Riff Fist

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Q&A: Moth Vs Riff Fist


Moth asks Riff Fist…

1. How did the name Riff Fist come about?

We like riffs and we like fisting people….

2. What band do you guys think gives you the most inspiration for your tunes?

Seventies heavy rock bands like Sabbath, Grand Funk, Rush, Leafhound etc… as well as your stoner rock staples like Kyuss, Clutch, Sleep and Fu Manchu.

3. You guys have been quiet for a few months what have you been up to?

Coz and Casey went overseas to research the way of the Riff at Roadburn and Desertfest. Got to see some legendary bands like Orange Goblin, Colour Haze, Sleep, Truck Fighters Church of Misery, Yob and about a billion other kick arse doom, sludge and stoner bands. and Grondo moved to Pakenham.

4. What is in the pipeline for you blokes in the next few months?

Gigs, gigs and more gigs. With planned recording action in there too. Like our facebook page to keep updated or head to rifffist.com    

5. How much does it cost to feed your bass player each week, he is huge.

It’s actually very cheap as he lives off nothing but riffs and we have fuck loads of those.

Riff Fist asks Moth…

1. How would you describe the type of music you play?

It’s a kind of a unintentional blend of metal, stoner rock and blues but crew hear all types of different styles in it. We aren’t really sure what it is, but we refer to it as stoner hate rock.

2. Where did the name Moth come from?

Our guitarist came up with it blind drunk at The Tote one night.

3. What can the average punter expect from a Moth gig?

To be aurally violated with brutal tunes, demonic vocals and still being somewhat entertained.

4. Where can I score one of those sweet Moth hoodies?

Sweet they are… you can pick one up from any of our shows, along with other merch or go to our web page mothmetal.com, everything is in the merch store there.

5. What’s coming up for Moth for the second half of 2012?

We are playing Newcastle on July 20 and the Slaughterfest in Sydney on July 21. We have shows in Warrnambool and Melbourne in August, Canberra in September and The Bastardfest Brissy in October. You can get all the details on facebook.com/mothmetal

MOTH and RIFF FEST play Cherry Bar on Saturday July 14.