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Metallic hardcore ‘90s revivalists Jesus Piece have announced the upcoming release of their debut LP through Southern Lord Records. Following last year’s 7” release on hardcore powerhouse Bridge 9, the move to Southern Lord marks a move to a more metal-influenced sound and vibe. The band has explained the move, “Southern Lord is a label we’ve looked up to for releasing some of our favourite metal and hardcore records, so it’s an honour to be a part of it, and we’re super excited to put out our first record with them.” Although the new album has not been given a name or release date yet, it’s expected to be out later this year.

The long-awaited Jawbreaker documentary is finally about to see the light of day, right in time for this year’s festival season. Compiled over the course of ten years, Don’t Break Down follows the course of the iconic punk band’s rise to prominence, effects of signing to a major label and the ensuing fallout and long remaining influence. Featuring interviews with Billie Joe Armstrong, Steve Albini, Jessica Hopper, Graham Elliot, Chris Shifflet, Josh Caterer and more, the film finally comprises the previously undocumented story of one of the most important punk rock bands of the ‘90s and one of my biggest influences. The band recently announced their first show since 1996 at this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago this September.

Sydney power violence masters Michael Crafter have announced the release of their debut full-length. After years of countless splits and single releases, the upcoming Mince For the Recently Retired LP marks the band’s first foray into releasing an actual full-length record. From the band, “After 20 plus releases in eight years, Michael Crafter finally fucking release their debut LP. Mince for the Recently Retired is the Chinese Democracy of the Sydney underground mincecore scene. A hifi lofi mess of raging d-beats and rabid blasts that you can mosh to. Michael Crafter is dead, long live Michael Crafter.”

Pee Records has announced the upcoming split 7” release from Perth’s The Decline and Newcastle’s Local Resident Failure. Pre-orders are available now from the label’s website, with the record to be released nationally on Friday September 8.

Radio rock politi-punks Rise Against have announced a national tour this coming February, hot off the tails of their December 2015 headline tour and previous support slot for Foo Fighters. Still touring their most recent release Wolves, the band has explained the philosophy behind the music and performances, “In many ways, a Rise Against show is a safe space for our fans. But I realized that I don’t only want to create safe spaces, I want to create dangerous spaces where misogyny can’t exist, where xenophobia can’t exist. I want to create spaces where those sentiments don’t have any air, and they suffocate: where those ideas die. Wolves isn’t about creating a safe space, it’s about creating a space that’s dangerous for injustice.”Joined by SWMRS, the band will play a licensed all ages show at Margaret Court Arena on Saturday February 10. Tickets are available now. Wolves is available now via EMI Australia.