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US metal mainstays Miss May I are teaming up with newcomers Sylar this November for what is set to be one of the best heavy tours of 2017. A staple of the global metal circuit since their formation in 2007, Miss May I have gone from strength to strength, with their 2015 effort, Deathless, peaking at #5 on the US rock charts. Sylar’s sound combines its love of hip hop, hard rock, electronica and metal proudly. Recently signing to Hopeless Records, Sylar enlisted the production talents of Erik Ron (Escape The Fate, I Prevail, Hands Like Houses) for their sophomore release, Help!. You can see them at Max Watt’s on Friday November 24.

Gammageddon is the forthcoming full-length from Germany’s Cytotoxin. Gammageddon centres itself on the city of Pripyat. It was founded in February 1970 as the ninth nuclear city – a type of closed city – in the Soviet Union, to serve the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It was officially proclaimed a city in 1979, and had grown to a population of nearly fifty-thousand by the time it was evacuated the day after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The city is now a ghost town. Gammageddon serves as a soundtrack to the horrors leading to the evacuation. The album is out on Friday July 21.

Nearly three years in the making, Satyricon have announced that Deep Calleth Upon Deep, their ninth studio album, is set for release on Friday September 22 via Napalm Records. The album was recorded in Oslo, Norway and Vancouver, Canada.

Frontman Satyr says, “Approaching this release, what I always kept in mind is that either this is the beginning of something new or it’s gonna be my last record. If this is going to be the last, then it needs to be something special. If there are more records, then I’d better make sure that this is so different from the last one that it feels like a new beginning.”

Next week, Magic Bullet Records will release the debut EP by Los Angeles-based instrumental metal trio, INTRCPTR, simply titled I. INTRCPTR is the pairing of guitarist Ben Carr and drummer Larry Herweg. The first single is Turbines, about which Carr says, “When driving at night, there’s a place in the desert right off highway 111. From out of the darkness you suddenly come upon what seems like a thousand tiny red beacons blinking in the distance. You’re almost home. In the daytime they loom, not menacing, though their presence is always felt. Seemingly at home in the desert even though they are man-made. Turbines.”

Melbourne’s Devil Electric are gearing up to release their self-titled debut album. The 37-minute, nine-track LP will be released on Friday August 11. Second single Lady Velvet is accompanied by an animated lyric video, created by German design studio 12 Inch Media. “Lady Velvet was written with the idea of painting a picture at the forefront,” bassist and co-writer Tom Hulse says. “I wanted to create images and draw a theme in the listener’s mind within the first few lines, touching on opposing forces and building a character. The song is about the push and shove of relationships we experience with the world, both on a human level and a fictional/dramatised one.”