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There’s just over a week left to experience the charm of MAP 57, the southside’s very first winter garden of theatre, cabaret, carnival, an ice-rink and most important to all, delicious food. Like every well-planned festival, there are plenty of options for the meat cravers, strictly vegetable eaters and all those in-between. Here are my top three picks, each from very different parts of our tasty little globe to set you for a lovely wintery evening. If you’re yet to hear that Argentina holds the world’s finest meat – I’m sorry but I openly judge your knowledge of food. Why is it the finest you ask? Partly due to the cattle’s grass-fed diet, partly due to the climate in the pampas – mild with perfect rainfall – and partly due to those Argentinean secrets we are never to know. Senor BBQ carries these Argentinean secrets all the way down to St Kilda for just one more week, so you best hurry. Their grill sizzles everything from chorizo and mashed potato quesadillas to chicken and beef ribs, plus, they offer a mix of it all for the baddest men on the bay. There’s really no need for me to continue as I’m certain you will follow their hypnotic aroma as soon as you arrive.

On the other side of the globe live the wonton-wrapped cuties down at Gyoza Records, who have been steaming and frying these babies for years now. You may recognise them from your hazy Rainbow Serpent or Meredith memories, as the truck is no stranger to a bush doof or party. Either way, it’s time to try them again – particularity if you’re after something light with lots of flavour. Gyoza Records offer pawn, pork or vegetarian varieties that come with Japanese salad or miso noodle soup. Plus, they’re always spinning the tastiest tunes to go with your meal.

And finally, it’s those cheese-stuffed balls of heaven along with the guy who has created an entire business dedicated to them, That Arrancini Guy, who hand rolls each and every arancini for the hungry patrons of Melbourne all year long. His balls are said to be the softest in town, with just the right amount of cheese to ensure consumption in large amounts without feeling paralysed. And his gnocchi? Like delicate potato pillows bathing in burnt butter and sage sugo. All of his meals are accompanied with a simple Italian salad of fresh cabbage and sharp Parmesan. So, whichever part of the globe you decide to dine, you’re assured a tasty ride.