Project Legacy Vol. 2 was a night of pure connection

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Project Legacy Vol. 2 was a night of pure connection

Project Legacy
words by Elissa Gonzaga

Living up to its name, the showcase was truly a space where legacies were being forged.

Project Legacy Vol. 2 featured a curated selection of Melbourne’s best upcoming and established local and abroad hip-hop RnB artists – Avery Harden, hailing all the way from the USA, and homegrown talents like RozeeRedd, Ivory Archer and Michelangelo. 

As I entered Ferdydurke, a rooftop bar in the corner of Tattersalls Lane, I was met with grand arch windows and high ceilings which made the room seem spacious despite being packed and buzzing with excitement as the stage was being set for a night of soulful melodies and infectious beats.

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The dimly lit space was adorned with eclectic floor-to-ceiling poster art that perfectly matched the night’s genre. 

The room quickly erupted with cheers and applause as DJ KI kicked the night off with a short set of expertly scratched and blended tracks – the crowd was grooving in no time.

His mastery of turntables was chef’s kiss, bringing a dynamic and electrifying start to the showcase which left us eagerly waiting for the performers that were about to grace the stage.

After DJ KI wrapped up his set, Avery Harden captivated the crowd with this overflowing confidence. Currently on an exclusive Australian tour, the American rapper made a quick stop in Melbourne to perform at Project Legacy.

The beat dropped and he launched into his first track, spitting out verses with razor-sharp precision. It didn’t matter whether they knew the words – all present were pulsating with enthusiasm.

His intricate flow resonated with the crowd and we hung on every single word. One moment our heads were bopping in sync with his catchy hooks and the next the room was aglow with the soft gleam of flashlights as the audience swayed to the rhythm of his music. It was a moment of pure connection. 

Next on the list was RozeeRedd, a versatile artist that shines the brightest as she croons smooth RnB vocals and soulful harmonies, enveloping us in a melodic embrace.

After a year-long hiatus, RozeeRedd had recently come back with a single, Rebirth. She puts her vulnerable side on display with this song, being transparent with her struggles while singing lyrics of encouragement and determination.

Her raw and heartfelt performance of this song was palpable and I found myself connecting with her on a deeper level. Her delivery of crisp vocals reverberated through my entire being. I was blown away. 

As the night deepened, so did my respect and admiration for these emerging artists. The remaining acts of the show, Ivory Archer and Michelangelo definitely did not disappoint.

As she took to the stage with her single Underneath the Sheets, Ivory Archer serenaded us with her poetic yet sultry sound, incorporating a blend of hip hop, RnB and neo-soul while making it entirely her own.

Listening to her sing made me feel sexy. ‘I am a sexy woman!’ was all I was thinking about as I attempted to bust out body rolls on the dance floor. 

Her charisma and energy were unmatched.

Michelangelo, contrastingly, had fans jumping on their feet with his rapid-fire flow and clever wordplay. It was wild. His fusions of electronic beats and futuristic sounds created this synergy that was thrilling to be a part of and left us craving for more. 

I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to witness such talent and artistry up close. The showcase was a perfect blend of hip-hop and RnB in diverse styles and influences.

It was a night that left me inspired, moved, and in awe of the local talent in Melbourne’s music scene. I didn’t know who these artists were before I rocked up to the venue. I can proudly say I’m a fan now.

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