Premiere: SILT’s new EP captures emotions ‘too complicated for words’

Premiere: SILT’s new EP captures emotions ‘too complicated for words’


We have an exlcusive premiere of SILT's debut EP 'Contact High' with the alternative pop-rock trio explaining it achieves a lifelong dream.

It was only last month that Melbourne-based alternative pop-rock trio SILT unveiled luminous lead-single ‘You Hate It’, setting the tone for the highly-anticipated release of their debut EP ‘Contact High’ on October 1.

It’s the first time SILT have ever worked with a producer, as they meld meandering guitars, swirling synths and magnetic melodies from frontwoman Jess Polain, all achieved during Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdowns.

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“As a band, we produced the songs at home during Melbourne’s COVID lockdowns in 2020,” Jess says.

“We sent ideas back and forth online. Once we were pretty much happy where they were, we got Jimi Wyatt of Ginger Studios on board to produce the EP for us – our first time ever working with a producer.”

“We chose the name Contact High for the EP as it loosely references a theme that connects all the songs; how the people in our lives influence our state of mind. It’s my hope that people will identify with these songs and get some sense of freedom or catharsis in that shared experience. Some emotions, at least for me, feel too complicated to put into words and that’s why I love songwriting – because it is such a pure form of self-expression. So, I hope that these songs can help people understand themselves better like they have helped me.

“This EP is so special to me because my biggest dream, since I was really young, has been putting together a body of musical work. And now it is finally coming true with our debut EP. I’m really proud of the diversity in this EP – both in the sound design and lyrical themes – yet somehow I really feel that these songs fit together and take you on a journey.”

SILT’s five-track EP explores relationships – with others, with oneself and with mental health, embodying the highs and lows of being accompanied and being alone.

Opener ‘Dreamin’ is about feeling safe in a healthy relationship. Next is ‘I Always Need a Break’, where the band let out their screaming inner voice in this track, fed up with people that make others feel insignificant.

‘My Ordinary’ is a lyrically busy song, written by guitarist Josh Barretto to convey the hectic thought traffic constantly buzzing around the mind.  Lead-single ‘You Hate It’ was written about recognising the need for setting boundaries during tumultuous times. Finally, ‘Cassette Tape’ is a love letter to an important person in Jess’s life, this song offers a helping hand against mental health issues.

Since debuting in 2019, SILT have showcased their skillset across six singles, building towards the release of ‘Contact High’.

SILT’s debut EP ‘Contact High’ is out everywhere on October 1. Follow the band here.