Premiere: Fuelled by collaboration, Sydney duo St. Christoph & Shaade drop sophomore EP, ‘No Pressure’

Premiere: Fuelled by collaboration, Sydney duo St. Christoph & Shaade drop sophomore EP, ‘No Pressure’

'No Pressure' is a blend of old school hip hop, RnB and funk that instantly delivers a feel-good vibe.

Earning themselves a solid reputation as connoisseurs of funk, throwback hip hop and new jack swing, underground Sydney duo St. Christoph & Shaade have unveiled their sophomore EP, ‘No Pressure’, out today November 12.

Laced with world-class production and delivering a nostalgic nod to 90s/2000s hip hop and RnB, this latest release builds on the momentum of their debut EP ‘Big Mood’, which they unleashed late last year.

Exploding onto the music scene and earning themselves a nomination for Best Independent Hip Hop Album / EP at the 2021 AIR Awards and garnering a tonne of streams across the nation, St. Christoph & Shaade set the tone for their follow up effort, continuing on that upward trajectory.

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The new EP, ‘No Pressure’ is all-encompassing, yet cohesive, showcases the diverse and multi-faceted nature of the duo’s artistry. Combining their unique blend of funk, old-school R&B, and a sprinkle of neo-soul and French house with instantly recognisable influences from genre innovators such as De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, the project proves to have something for anyone.

Poised to serve as another milestone in the duos short, yet impressive career, ‘No Pressure’ comes bolstered with talent, featuring the likes of the alluring MEEKS, Brisbane young gun and melodic hip-hop force iiiConic and multi-instrumentalist Sergiio, among many others, truly delivering a cohesive listening experience that’ll make you slam the repeat button.

Right from the get-go, the opening track ‘Can’t Seem To Let Go’ is a soulful, laid-back track that sees the duo expand their signature sonic palette with some heavy neo-soul influence by Daniel March and Scott Teu to build hype through the instrumentation and a seriously catchy hook.

Lush and soulful, the up-tempo gem ‘First Time’ is a stunning blend of hip hop and RnB goodness that instantly delivers a feel-good vibe. With a driving funk bassline adding soul and the signature St. Christoph & Shaade panache, topped off by Meeks sweet caramel vocals, ‘First Time’ is destined to be a feel-good track of the summer.

With a hypnotizing sound that truly attracts listeners, ‘Pressin’ – the first single released from the EP – is a nostalgic track laced with the sound of all your favourite 90’s R&B hits. Body moving music for the heart and soul, packed with driving retro beats, tongue in cheek quips and uplifting melodies, this one is ideal for spinning on repeat.

‘Sippin’ sees the duo evolving their sound and pushing the boundaries even further, slowing the pace but hitting no less hard. Proving that rap could be as smooth as soul music, this track is a captivating combination of melodic vocals, lush soundscapes and delicately pulsing beats. With collaboration at the core of the EP, St. Christoph & Shaade’s infectious sound is elevated with hypnotic vocal stylings from rapper iiiConic, and Sydney vocalist Tia who gives the song an angelic power.

The final track ‘You’re Ready’ features multi-instrumentalist Sergiio delivering some masterful G-Funk inspired Talkbox alongside chorus vocals by St Christoph himself. The tune offers a throwback hip hop sound mixed with some downtempo French house showcasing that the duo is in a musical lane all of their own.

“Music and arrangement-wise, we really wanted to showcase our skills whilst showing admiration for people doing their own thing.

“We have a real respect for people like that and wanted to collaborate with artists and producers with the same energy, the ones that are moving in their own lane too. Guys like Daniel March and Sergiio who’s just on his own planet.”

Alongside the feel-good vibes of the tidy collection of tracks harnessing production prowess that will have you dancing to your nearest white sand beach lined with palm trees and seaside bars, St. Christoph & Shaade paint an expressive and convincing image that explores themes of relationships and emotions associated with them.

“If you dig a little deeper into the song themes – the start, the middle, the end – it is all about relationships and working through the emotions associated with them,” they explain.

Inspired and deeply influenced by their community of like-minded creatives, the EP sees the duo adopt a flow indebted to the playfulness of 1990s hip-hop, however managing to elevate their offering with lots of soul and vocal ranges to match.

With a solid foundation now set in place within the local hip hop scene, St. Christoph + Shaade are a unique duo with an edge that clearly separates them from the sea of emerging talent in Australia.

‘No Pressure’ is out now on digital platforms worldwide via Be Rich Records. Check it out below.