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Why should record collectors visit your store? This is our first year as a record store. We’ve been building up the collection for a launch, though we haven’t put a sign out yet. Although we’re mostly new, some of our 5,000+ titles are now no longer available/deleted.

Do you specialise in any particular genres? We have the sort of titles you’d expect and some more obscure in a large range of genres.Some of the more unusual genres might be the ambient/industrial/avant-garde sections.

What’s your best advice for record collectors? Don’t ruin your life obsessing over not getting that title that you must have. Let it go – there’s plenty of fantastic, obscure music out there that you might never have heard of that might be a joy to dig up.

What’s the best record find you ever made? The special finds are the surprise ones and then you remember where you were and how much you paid. $4 US Blodwyn Pig – Ahead Rings Out in New Orleans;$8 AUD Neil Young’s On The Beach at Chapel St. Bazaar;Blow Monkeys’ Limping For A Generation 100Yen(that’s $1) in Sapporo;Ultimate Spinach in Dusseldorf, etc.

How many records do you have in your personal collection? Only 400 I think, I’ve hung on to my favourites. When broke but really wanting a particular record from AuGoGo now-defunct store in Melbourne’s CBD (in the ‘old days’) I traded in some OK titles instead.