The Australian Music Vault Presents Process Lab

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The Australian Music Vault Presents Process Lab


Due to the success of the one day creative music forum ‘Process’ which took place in October 2017, Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault present Process Lab. The first day-long workshop will take place on May 5 2018 with participants able to choose from two sessions, each led by a Melbourne electronic artist.

Workshop One will be lead by Emah Fox, a Melbourne based musician and producer whose earlier musical explorations have received critical acclaim from multiple sources. On May 5 Emah will be presenting the workshop ‘Electronic Music Production and Performance’.

Emah’s workshop will be particularly useful for bedroom producers, producers wanting to take their set to the stage, songwriters wanting to incorporate electronics into their set and performers wanting to workshop their setups and improvising techniques.

Workshop Two will be run by Robert D Jordan, a musician, VJ, designer and engineer. On May 5, Robert D Jordan will be presenting the workshop ‘Building The Yowler Mini Synthesiser’.

His workshop will be great for makers, tinkerers, synth enthusiasts and musicians wanting to get into electronic instrument building.

Performance dates and times:

Saturday May 5, 10am – 3pm

The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

Emah Fox ‘Electronic Music Production and Performance’ – $50/$30 concession

Robert D Jordan ‘Building the Yowler Mini Synthesiser’ (materials included) – $70/$50