Peter Robinson of Brave New World talks getting back together, playing live shows and their upcoming single Sweet Thing

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Peter Robinson of Brave New World talks getting back together, playing live shows and their upcoming single Sweet Thing

Brave New World
Words by Sarah Duggan

Melbourne-based alternative rock band Brave New World first emerged onto the scene in 1987, boasting a distinctive sound that blended melodic vocals with rock, pop, and synth elements.

The band originally consisted of Peter Robinson, Eddie Kovach and Ian Pope, each bringing their unique talents to the group. Now, almost thirty-seven years later, Brave New World is making a comeback, gracing some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues and releasing fresh music.

Reflecting on the early days, frontman Peter Robinson fondly remembers, “Ian [Pope] placed an ad in Juke magazine in September ’86, to which I applied. From memory, I wasn’t entirely sold on the band at first and took a while to join…” However, as time passed, it became evident that Robinson and Pope shared a profound passion for music. With the prevalent influence of English bands during that era, the potential for Brave New World in the music scene became increasingly promising. Securing a potential record deal added to the band’s optimism until unforeseen challenges arose.

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“Internal cracks began to surface, and our guitarist Eddie encountered some serious issues and eventually departed. There were certainly moments that could have gone either way,” reflects Robinson on the band’s turbulent period. In 1990, Robinson himself parted ways with Brave New World but continued his musical journey as a solo artist, performing live gigs.

Fast forward to 2021, when Robinson impulsively reached out to the former band members via text, exclaiming, “I’ve found a rehearsal room – who’s in?” This spontaneous message sparked the reformation of the band, albeit in a different lineup. Sadly, former member Eddie Kovach had passed away some years earlier, and amidst the challenges posed by the rising COVID pandemic, bringing everyone back together proved to be a logistical puzzle. Nonetheless, Pope and Robinson secured a new lineup, booked a rehearsal space, and the dream of reuniting Brave New World was on the brink of realisation.

“It was a bag of mixed emotions…”, Robinson says of the band getting back together initially, “There was a brief moment when I walked into that hired rehearsal room when I remember feeling ‘are we up to this? am I being silly? where is this going?’ A few more moments of self-doubt hung over me momentarily, however, thankfully we got going and that was it.” Battling with COVID restrictions and lockdowns, the first twelve months were inconsistent and disjointed. The band persevered, playing a pivotal sold-out show at the Newport Bowling Club in late 2021, signalling a resurgence in their momentum.

The journey continued into 2022, marked by live shows, lineup changes, and the crafting of their single, “Danger With The Stranger” born from Robinson and Pope’s collaborative creativity. Recorded at Incubator Studios with Adrian Ackerman, the track explores the dynamic between performer and audience, showcasing the band’s evolution.

That brings us to 2024, with a new single under their belt and an upcoming launch at the Brunswick Ballroom.”[We] had written “Sweet Thing” in 2023 at Ian’s house, the song came easily and that certainly felt like old times. It was so good to play and record this song.”

The track was recorded in North Melbourne’s Newmarket Studios with the talented Guss Hoevenaars. The upcoming single suggests a relationship between the singer and the subject, “While it’s clearly a relationship of sorts, it’s not necessarily an obvious love interest, there’s room to suggest that it’s possible to be another!” Says Robinson.

Anticipation is high, with the band ready to deliver a captivating performance on May 11th at the Brunswick Ballroom, adorned in thematic attire and armed with a plan to entertain. “Ian on keys will be dressed to thrill and made up to the nines and Pete will be draped in Faux fur, attached to lots of red roses, jewellery and props…The rest of the band will also be on stage themed to entertain as well.” Says Robinson.

With a rich history spanning nearly four decades, the band’s journey is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the enduring power of music. Fans old and new are invited to join Brave New World for an unforgettable evening filled with electrifying performances, thematic flair, and the debut of their latest single, “Sweet Thing”. Joining them will be Munchy Dolphin, Cass Brock and DJ KATYSKATEY.

Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to grab yours HERE and get ready to rock with Brave New World.

This article was made in partnership with Brave New World.