PBS Radio Festival is now on with prizes ranging from a vespa to a massive Golden Plains experience

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PBS Radio Festival is now on with prizes ranging from a vespa to a massive Golden Plains experience

Photo by Photospunctuatemylife
Words by Staff Writer

Happening across the dates May 13th to 26th, it’s straight to the point for this year’s all-important PBS Radio Festival.

Join as a PBS member today and ensure the sounds of PBS radio are heard tomorrow. As a station that is funded mostly by memberships and donations throughout this time, it’s a call to action that rings true for all followers of the community radio ethos. That being, 100% independently made radio by the community for the community. Free from corporate influence, commercial advertisements, and endless talk-back jargon. Just the love of sharing music, from one fan to another.

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By joining or renewing as a PBS member, you become more than just a listener. You join the community that is committed to preserving the legacy and future of PBS radio. A home of little heard music, and a place for the artists and people who exist outside of the mainstream to find their audience. Where the most boundary pushing sounds of tomorrow are welcomed in and celebrated, today and every day after that.

That’s what we love about PBS, and that’s why PBS needs you. Because it’s not just about the sounds you’ll hear from the 106.7 frequency, it’s about the community it upholds. For every artist who gets their first spin on PBS, the venues and events that get the word out via the airwaves, the up and coming DJs who cut their teeth on the grid, and to all the faithful who hold that feeling of connection tuning in to their favourite programs, week in week out. This one’s for you!

Join today for a sound tomorrow – and let’s sure up a PBS that exists well in to the future, and every day after that.

Alongside the discounts you get from becoming a PBS member, each person who joins or renews during the two weeks of Radio Festival will go in the running to win a string of daily prize packs! Plus, all who sign up throughout May and June go straight into the major prize draw.

For the full list of prizes and membership discounts, head to pbsfm.org.au