Paul Reid

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Paul Reid


What is your new EP release Nowhere Towns all about?Nowhere Towns was a chance for me to get everything off my chest. I also reference trains a bit and I guess that’s a metaphor for life, the train keeps rolling as do we. 

How would you describe your single Settle Down Boy?It’s a real jovial song – it has a punchy beat with a great violin hook running throughout it.

How was the experience recording the EP?  I had a really good team supporting me. They gave me a lot of confidence in the recording process. We also recorded in two different studios so it was nice to change things up. I think it gave us fresh ideas along the way.

What do other people say you sound like?The band has a real toe-tapping groove when we play live and that can be heard on the recordings too. It changes from Americana to folk and alt-country.

What can a punter expect from your live show?As a band, we come from all different genres; Americana, jazz, blues and African music, so we certainly bring an infused style of music live. But the song writing still keeps its folk, Americana roots. I like to stop between songs and talk to the audience, mainly about what some of the songs mean to me or how they came about. A few behind the scene stories should be expected too.