Pantha Du Prince Melbourne Show

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Pantha Du Prince Melbourne Show


New Guernica bar will host some ambient techno magic.

For the first time, Pantha Du Prince is bringing his live show to Australia this Decemeber.

His minimalist indie techno album Black Noise features Panda Bear (Animal Collective), Tyler Pope (!!!) and LCD Soundsystem. Pantha du Prince’s mission with the latest album was to render what is unheard and unheard of: black noise, a frequency that is inaudible to man.

Black noise often presages natural disasters, earthquakes or floods; only some animals perceive this “calm before the storm.” and is something archaic and earthy. Many of the tracks on Pantha’s most recent album are based on field recordings of knocking, barking, ringing and tinkling and were recorded in collaboration with Joachim Schütz (Arnold Dreyblatt Trio) and Stephan Abry (Workshop) in the Swiss Alps.

He plays at Meredith festival and also at New Guernica Bar on Saturday December 11.