OFWGKTA After Party

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OFWGKTA After Party


Those cats that your parents warned you about at I OH YOU are throwing the an after party to end all, uhhh, after parties.  Y’all know Syd The Kid? (Of course you do, you’re not one of those OFWGKTA fans who just caught on after the release of Yonkers and knows nothing about the rest of the collective besides from Earl being in Samoa and some shit about Steve Harvey, are you?). Yeah, well, Syd The Kid who is the 19 year old only female member of OFWGKTA is stopping by for one fucking rad DJ set. 

Add to that a live set from Rat Vs Possum, a DJ set from Wildlife DJs and more loaded up skanks than an Andy Murphy show in Warrnambool and you’ve got a party that’s set to be so debaucherous it’ll eviscerate any chance of you ascending when the impending rapture comes down to smite us all.