Odette’s new album ‘Herald’ is an ambitious project executed so flawlessly it seems effortless

Odette’s new album ‘Herald’ is an ambitious project executed so flawlessly it seems effortless

Image by Giulia McGauran
Words By Scott Hudson

Odette doesn’t waste a second with Herald.

Herald continues Odette’s commitment to lyric-focused alt-pop. While upbeat tracks like ‘Dwell’ hold the energy of the project, Odette isn’t afraid to spend four or five minutes fleshing out her emotions.

The 11-track release captures folktronica, neo-soul and hip hop without leaving any tracks out of place. Each song blends electronic sounds with horns, strings or whatever instrument feels right.

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Track two, ‘Dwell’, stands out for its flawless blend of lyricism and energy: “I’m getting high to hide the lows/It’s what I do when I’m alone.” Odette freezes a portrait of her self-destructive nature in three minutes of song while leaving the listener unsure if they should be dancing or falling into sombre reflection.

‘Feverbreak’ is a return to Odette’s signature spoken-word style. Hermitude add their familiar touch to this track but Odette still drives the sound with precision. “I walk alone at dusk/When the bitter cold can cut/Through tension on the shoulders.” The lyrics paint a scene so vivid that at times the instrumental seems redundant.

Herald doesn’t waste a second; there is a paragraph of description to every song. ‘Wait For You’ is a lo-fi track, allowing Odette to take front and centre over a piano. Despite its departure from the electronic-driven tracklist, it still fits without any jarring transition.

Odette’s sophomore LP is an ambitious project that was executed so flawlessly it seems effortless. The rising Australian artist’s grasp of lyricism and unique voice capture the listener in a spell so lucid, the end of a song feels like you’ve just woken up.

Herald is an album that will produce new occurrences, new realisations with every listen. It’s bold and beautiful; it’s one of the albums of the year.


Herald is out now through EMI Music Australia. For more on Odette, head to her website and Facebook page.