Night Of The Living Glenn says farwell to The Drunk Promoter

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Night Of The Living Glenn says farwell to The Drunk Promoter


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss our much adored Drunk Promoter (AKA Glenn Stewart) who at approximately 1:26pm on Wednesday October 18, 2017 chose to cease their life as a music promoter leaving many fans, bands and good memories in their wake. Please stand.


The Drunk Promoter has been the quintessential Australian punk tour promoter of the last four years. His laid-back approach swirled with hard work that was rooted in punk ethic led the candid personality to hundreds of shows under their brand, attracting US heavyweight Dwarves, Leftover Crack and Guttermouth – all the while dragging local delinquents Clowns with him through his ascendancy; taking them from prodigy to prestige. Saddened by the news of the illustrious characters decision to take their own life as a music promoter, we chatted with the ghost of Glenn Stewart to explore the details of his wake titled Night of The Living Glenn. 


“I want to thank all the amazing people who I’ve met these last few years around the world,” stated the ghost of Glenn Stewart last week via Ouiji Board, at the stroke of midnight from his now vacant lair in Footscray. “The Drunk Promoter started as a joke and ended up keeping me busy for a lot longer than I thought.”


Though no joke it was. His tours were notorious for bringing punk music back to punk venues, an example of which was his choice to place troublesome US offenders Guttermouth in a rural backyard skatepark; representative of his love for putting on a rad show rather than sucking every final penny out of the punters and venues of his tours. This mentality behind his tours will be dearly missed.


When summoned to comment on the lineup of his wake, the modest promoter had this to say. “I’m really looking forward to seeing new music from Pistol Peaches, and to experience YLVAfor the first time. It’s weird to think that they will be the last band I’ll ever experience as The Drunk Promoter.” Finding this statement puzzling I questioned if YLVA were to play last, seeing as his star apprentices Clowns are billed at the top of the event, his response, “Oh no, Clowns are headlining… But fuck watching that band one more time in my existence, they have put me through enough.


“I’m also really looking forward to saying goodbye to my much loved Flamenco brethren Malcura. I have felt a strong and passionate connection to this band as I’m actually one quarter Andalusian.” After asking if the phantom promoter will have the energy to see both Malcura and YLVA, considering their adjacent set times, the promoter spooked, “Por que no los dos?”


After convening the spirit to add a final word, the ghost of Glenn Stewart had this to say. “My wake is a Halloween event, so please feel free to dress as spookily as you feel and if you see my spirit floating mystically around The Rev on this fateful night; my wish is not for you to offer your fears nor tears, but beers.”