This Never Happened festival has one rule: No phones

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This Never Happened festival has one rule: No phones

This Never Happened

This new event boldly asks 'If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?'

Or, more accurately, ‘If a one-day electronic music festival takes place across three Australian cities and no one posts any videos of it online, did it, you know, actually happen?’

The answer is yes – the festival organisers just taped up everyone’s phones.

This Never Happened Festival 2023

  • July 14 – 170 Russell, Melbourne
  • July 15 – Metro Theatre, Sydney
  • July 16 – Brightside Outdoors, Brisbane

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If you’ve ever wanted to just live in the moment rather than feeling constant pressure to document your existence, you’re going to want to grab tickets to This Never Happened.

The brand-new electronic party is committed to helping fans stay present. Organised by the Untitled group and the melodic house record label This Never Happened, the event aims to foster an immersive, connected, in-person experience by taking social media out of the equation.

They plan on taping up everyone’s phones and cameras on entry – much like a Berlin Club. And also like a Berlin club, they will be bumping techno, electronic and house music all night long.

The inaugural lineup has just been announced, featuring RnB and ’90s house DJ Le Youth, Aussie techno favourite Paris and the Canadian electronic duo Sultan & Shepard. The triple threat of artists guarantees a little something for everyone.

The party will be starting its run in Melbourne before jetting off to Syndey and Brisbane. Before the pandemic, similar events were hosted across the world, but this is the first time they’ll be brought over to the East Coast of Australia.

Presale tickets to This Never Happened are scheduled to go on sale on Wednesday May 10 at 6pm AEST, with general sales beginning the following day. To buy yours, head here