New South Yarra park opens with bike paths, picnic areas and First Nations artwork

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New South Yarra park opens with bike paths, picnic areas and First Nations artwork

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words by staff writer

The South Yarra Siding Reserve is open to the public and ready for visitors.

The Allan Labor Government is bringing a splash of green to Melbourne with the reopening of the spruced-up South Yarra Siding Reserve. This is just one of the many new spaces coming back to the community as the Metro Tunnel Project nears completion.

Minister for Transport Infrastructure Danny Pearson revealed that the revamped South Yarra Siding Reserve is now open. This inner-city gem boasts over 2,000 square meters of open space, perfect for bike rides, picnics, or just hanging out with friends.

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This cool upgrade is part of Victoria’s Big Build, which is adding a whopping 380,000 square meters of new open space across the state—about the size of Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens! The reserve, once just a grassy slope beside the rail line, was closed in 2018 to kick off work on the Metro Tunnel’s eastern entrance.

Now, it’s back and better than ever, featuring two fantastic artworks by First Nations artists Kent Morris and Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Kim Wandin, with a little help from artist Christine Joy. Aunty Kim’s beautiful work will also be on display at the nearby Arthur Street pocket park, which is opening at the same time.

More than 160 new trees have been planted at the reserve and at the Arthur Street and William Street pocket parks. This green makeover boosts the area’s greenery by around 40%, making it a lush spot to chill out.

The Metro Tunnel project isn’t just about trains — it’s adding around 8,700 square meters of new green space and over 500 new trees near the five new station precincts and tunnel entrances. Plus, Victoria’s Big Build is planting more than 3.1 million seedlings, trees, and shrubs across the state.

With major construction at Arden and Parkville Stations already done and the final touches being put on the Metro Tunnel, Melbourne’s public transport is set for a serious upgrade in 2025 — one year ahead of schedule!

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