Cheap things to do in Melbourne at night

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Cheap things to do in Melbourne at night

Melbourne lord mayor
Melbourne lord mayor
Words by Dhika Maheswara

A guide to not only surviving in this economy, but having the best days (or nights) of your life while doing it.

Romance, parties, music and monster trucks, our beloved Melbourne has always been an epicentre for some good hunky-dory evenings. But not all of us have the pleasure of breaking the bank on all the best shenanigans this place has to offer.

With a round of shots setting you back a hundred bucks and #cozzielivs permeating into every aspect of our lives, you have to be a little clever to find your cheap thrills in the right places. As a form of empathetic courtesy to you all, we would like to share some of our favourite cheap things to do in Melbourne at night.

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Free entry venues

Section 8


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Located at 27-29 Tattersalls Ln, this iconic container bar in a car park is a fiesta of tasty cold ones and funk music, all red carpet rolled for you with a free entry!

The Rooks Return


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If you are into jazz, head on over to The Rooks Return over at Fitzroy on Wednesdays for some late-night boogie that you can experience with no entry cost.

Cheap cheeky late-night desserts 



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Treat yourself to the best selections of self-serve frozen yogurt, including dairy-free and gluten-free options on Yochi! The company has locations in Carlton, Hawthorn, Malvern and Balaclava.



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This neat Italian shop sells traditional gelato in classic and creative seasonal flavours and can serve you a nice scoop or two for a super reasonable price! You can find Pidapipo shops in the CBD, Carlton and Fitzroy.

Get a little blitzed for just $10 or below

The General Assembly

With live acoustic music, artistic interiors and walls and the city’s affordable deals, the General Assembly is one of the go-to places in South Wharf.  4pm to 7pm on weekdays is Happy Hour at the General Assembly with a generous deal of $10 wines and spirits and $8 schooners.

The Evelyn Hotel


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Nestled among the cooks and crannies of Fitzroy, The Evelyn Hotel stands as a veteran bar and live music venue hosting regular gigs and stand-up comedy in a casual space. Happy Hours are 2-7 pm daily, with $6 schooners of selected beers and Moon Dog Fizzers.


I-Darts Hive



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If you’re looking for some casual fun late-night sports, darts at i-darts HIVE have games for only $2 per player! There are also the occasional tournaments with a $10 entry fee and prizes consisting of cash, merchandise and more.

The Rubber Chicken

Perform your favourite songs and bring out your best jokes to the city’s beloved open mic nights. One of the best places for this is Rubber Chicken, anyone is welcome to take the stage, right from the get-go. However, some venues do take on-the-spot registrations so just make sure to check each set of policies and schedules!

Kono Coin Karaoke

If you’re looking to spend the night sounding like a pop star (or your best impression of them) at a low cost, then head on over to Kono Coin Karaoke, just $3 for five songs or $20 for 12!

Jankara Karaoke


Another one is Jankara Karaoke which is one song per drink, but just get a non-alcoholic drinker to make it cheaper. If you’re bringing a group of friends to these places, you can lose your voice for basically nothing!

Get lost inside the city’s heart and soul


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When you’ve finally felt like you’ve completed all the main quests, doing sides around the city can go a long way. Take your dog for a nice evening stroll along the parks, head on over to the far and wide corners with the city tram, find all the hidden graffiti or best of all, sit down and entertain yourself with the city’s lively busking sets.

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