CBCo Brewery brings crushable beers, refined Americana eats and West Coast charm to Port Melbourne

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CBCo Brewery brings crushable beers, refined Americana eats and West Coast charm to Port Melbourne

words by kaya martin

While it's not exactly located in the party hotspot of the city, it doesn't need to be, because CBCo is a world of its own.

With lofty ceilings, bench-style seating and the footy projected on the walls, it’s found that perfect balance of classy and casual quintessential of Australia’s west coast.

Founded in Margaret River, the brand has brought over that beach town charm to Port Melbourne – you’d half expect customers to come in with salty hair and sandy feet. What’s more, there’s no separation between the brewing silos and the bar/restaurant, which means diners get a sweet behind-the-scenes view as they sip their pints.

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Saunter up to the bar and you’re met with an impressive selection of taps. Ranging from hoppy and complex to classic and effortlessly drinkable, the range has something for both craft brew aficionados and casual drinkers.

With so many options (13 to be exact!), there’s really no excuse not to get a tasting flight – just be careful carrying it back to your table, especially if you’ve had a few already.

For those on the hunt for a non-beer option, the brand has also got an apple cider, a ginger beer and a blood orange cider which tastes somewhat like a sweeter Aperol Spritz and almost had us taking an Uber home.

The West Coast Tropical Sour is intense in all the right ways, not overly fruity but with enough zest to leave an impression. Also, did you know sour beers are made with probiotics, so they’re pretty much a health food? Now you do.

The food menu is concise but full of hits, offering typical Americana-inspired eats elevated to perfection. Take the cheeseburger – the humble smashed patty is giving In-N-Out, while the thin, crispy fries are like Macca’s cool older cousin.

The pork belly is also star. Forget about that chewy, fatty pork belly you’d usually expect – this is smokey and tender, doused in BBQ sauce and presented with a no-frills cabbage slaw and a spicy green relish. That alone is worth a trip.

If you need any more evidence that the CBCo kitchen means business, they’ve also got pizzas topped with things like hot honey, almonds and agave grapes, as well as a range of bar snacks including cajun corn ribs and harissa cauliflower.

We went on a bitter, rainy arvo and it was perfectly cozy, but I’d love to see the space raging in full form. I can just picture the beer garden and outdoor tables packed come summertime. They’ve also got a DJ booth tucked away in the corner – keen to see what the plans are with that!

Whether you’re just stopping by to grab a six-pack or you’re ready to post up for a long afternoon of drinking with mates, I really can’t think of anywhere better suited than CBCo.

For more information on CBCo Brewery and to plan your visit, head here.