New Album By Oh Mercy To Be Released Early 2011

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New Album By Oh Mercy To Be Released Early 2011


Everybody look forward to March 4 next year, so you can get your hands on the new album by a band that Paul Kelly said has inspired him to return to songwriting

Young Melbourne songwriters Oh Mercy are proud to announce the forthcoming release of their stunning new album Great Barrier Grief, coming out on March 4.

But the album name has more to it than a play on words.

Oh Mercy were heavily influenced by the classic Australian sound and lifestyle in crafting this gorgeous album full of timeless, acoustic pop tracks, and its title has been in the back of the mind of guitarist and vocalist Alexander Gow since before releasing the band’s debut album Privileged Woes.

Great Barrier Grief is not an eco warrier title, but instead a reference to a point in time, a challenge to overcome, or a complex situation. The idea behind Great Barrier Grief, for example, is meeting an incredibly beautiful person, but having a mental or physical barrier between you.

And this theme is certainly reflected in the next single to be taken from the album Stay, Please Stay, to be released January 17.

Like the rest of the album, Stay, Please Stay was penned by Gow, but he says it is not a new track by any means.

"Stay, Please Stay was a part of the Oh Mercy set for six months before it was recorded; a band favourite," says Gow. "I rewrote the lyrics while in New York, writing from the perspective of the person left at home having to say goodbye to a loved-one who is constantly travelling."

Recording of Great Barrier Grief took place over two months in record producer Mitchell Froom’s (Crowded House, Elvis Costello, Missy Higgins) home studio, literally in his backyard in Santa Monica. To finish off the year, Oh Mercy will be playing a free gig on Christmas Eve at the Espy.

Great Barrier Grief will be a grower for 2011, and definitely one to watch out for if you’re missing classic Australian pop songs with just the right amount of sentiment.