Never Shout Never announce throwback tour

Never Shout Never announce throwback tour


A blast from the past, MySpace era band Never Shout Never are coming to Australian shores whilst celebrating a decade of music. The band will be playing The Yippee and Me & My Uke EP’s in full while taking fan requests. These shows will give fans a chance to fall in love with Christofer Drew Ingle and Never Shout Never all over again.

“It’s fun to see an older crowd at our shows,” Drew says. “We’re getting people our age coming out, people in their mid 20’s that are reminiscing on high school.”

Tickets are available now and this may be your very last chance to see Never Shout Never perform their early material live. The band will perform in Melbourne on Thursday November 30 at the Corner Hotel.

Drew’s world-wide attention can be drawn back to the 2008 The Yippee‘s catchiness and 2009 Me & My Uke‘s sweet melodies distancing him from other MySpace and YouTube singer songwriters of the time. His poetic lyrics and youthfully optimistic songs had fans searching iTunes for more.