Ned Hawkins’ haunting new single out May 20

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Ned Hawkins’ haunting new single out May 20

Ned Hawkins
From left to right Alex Whitcher (Dead Leg) and Ned Hawkins
Words by Staff Writer

Ned Hawkins’ new song explores the intricacies of grief and tragedy through his new emotionally vulnerable track.

As singer and frontman of local band The Brungas, Ned Hawkins strikes out on his own with ‘Demon’s Run’, his new single set for release on May 20. Writing about the experience of his father’s sudden and unexpected passing in December 2021, the track grapples with the emotional weight of grief and tragedy.

What you need to know

  • Ned Hawkins’ is releasing a new single titled ‘Demon’s Run’
  • The track is a mix of indie, alternative and R&B, inspired by the loss of the singer’s father
  • It’s available to stream from May 20

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“This song is the ebb and flow of my experience of grief,” says Ned Hawkins, “When you go through a tragedy like losing a loved one, there’s no in-between, and there’s no end. It’s bad and it’s also good. You just have to hold on for the ride.”

Blending indie, alternative and R&B, Ned Hawkins brings a unique sound to the genre. ‘Demon’s Run’ is one of Ned Hawkins’ many recent releases. With tracks such as ‘Love For You’, ‘Me’ and ‘Smile’, Ned Hawkins brings characteristic charm and emotional honesty to his solo releases. ‘Demon’s Run’ stands out as a track defined by melancholy and emotional intensity, managing to be energetic yet tormented at once.


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Collaborating with Alex Whitcher of Dead Leg, who helped write and provided guitar for ‘Demon’s Run’, the track is characterised by its mesmerising guitar riff. Produced with the help of local producer and musician Jimmy Harwood, mixed by Marc Scollo and mastered at Panorama, ‘Demon’s Run’ is an important step forward in this emerging musician’s career.

‘Demons Run’ by Ned Hawkins is out on May 20. You can pre-save the single by heading here.

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