Nathan Power

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Nathan Power


How would people describe your sound? And what led you in this particular direction? My music borrows inspiration from both the country and blues scenes, but mostly comes from a love of ‘60s folk singer-songwriters. I discovered Laura Marling’s music and followed its roots back to Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Jackson C. Frank.


Of all the live shows you’ve played, what is your fondest memory? My EP launch in March was pretty magic. I had a full band backing me up and a great crowd to perform for. There were crowd sing-alongs, a little bit of dancing and my first ever public guitar solo.

How do you keep things feeling fresh with each new performance? I change things up a lot, I’ve got a couple of songs where I often forget lyrics so I use it as an opportunity to improvise verses. I mash songs together live, add sections and extend bits.

Out of all the songs you have under your belt, which would you recommend as a starting point for new fans and why? ‘Growing Thin’. I released a music video for it earlier this year and it really sets the tone for the live show. It’s about finding someone warm to love in the winter and then leaving them when the weather changes.

What do you love about the Melbourne music scene? The sheer number of gigs on offer. It’s great to be able to go out any night of the week and catch amazing friends playing.