Get to know Ani-K

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Get to know Ani-K


What is your first memory of music? My first memory of music is sort of strange, my mum and I were in the car one day and an Enya song came on and I had no idea how but I knew the melody. It was so strange, but I found out later that mum played the song regularly when I was a baby.


When did you realise you loved to perform? I think I’ve always loved performing – I’ve always been quite dramatic. I was a big culprit of the ‘mum, dad, watch this’ trope as a kid, but I’m glad that it became more productive as I got older. 


Who are your biggest influences and how do they inspire you? My biggest influences would be the divas, I would love to have Beyonce’s voice. I also love more alternative artists like FrankOcean, and I love the stories he tells with his music. 


What were your experiences like touring the U.S? I love travelling and performing, so really it was two of my favourite things combined. I met some amazing artists and creators, and I was so inspired by the creativity around me. There was also great food so all round, it was a fantastic experience. 


Where do you see your career in ten years time? I would love to be touring the world in ten years with a great catalogue of work. I really want to help people, so to be involved in charity and activism work on a larger scale than what I’m doing today would be fantastic.